WhatsApp changes its privacy policy

The popular application of WhatsApp changes its privacy policy for Europe, in an update that according to the company only clarifies how you use personal data of the users. That is, WhatsApp will not ask us to accept the new privacy policy, because it only changes the wording of the text, not the use they make of our data.

At the beginning of September 2021, the EU fined WhatsApp 225 million euros for infringing privacy, as it considered that did not respect the conditions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for its acronym in English), which governs in Spain and the rest of the European Union.

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Basically the update tries to justify to the EU the use that WhatsApp makes of the data, adding details that the company considers that the GDPR would be requiring it, despite the fact that it has already declared that it does not agree with the fine and that it plans to appeal it in court.

The privacy policy clarifies that Spain and the rest of the EU are is served by an entity called WhatsApp Ireland Limited (based in Ireland), different from WhatsApp LLC. Logically, it is a legal structure to avoid problems, which is not clear that it will achieve it.

In addition, it goes into detail that the personal data is sent to the United States, United Kingdom and Israel, something important because each of those countries have different privacy regulations.

The data they send includes the telephone number, identifier and model of our mobile and account identifier. Also less relevant details, such as the version of WhatsApp that we use and the prefix of our country, or other more delicate ones that include the hours of WhatsApp usage, the time of registration and last connection.

In addition, the updated privacy policy refers to Meta, the new name of Facebook’s parent company, at all times, without mentioning the social network directly.

This privacy policy is applies from November 22, 2021, and it is mandatory, in fact it does not ask us to accept it because WhatsApp considers that it does not change in practice, it only provides more details than what already applies.

At first, no data is being shared with the Facebook social network, or at least the company has committed to it while not reaching an agreement with the European Commission on the matter.

In conclusion, the WhatsApp’s new privacy policy does not directly affect the user, is limited to detailing how it uses personal data to avoid further problems with the EU, something that is not clear that will happen.

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