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Halloween was born as a feast of Celtic civilization in the 19th century, known as Samhain, But with the passage of time it gained worldwide relevance, especially the northern hemisphere of the planet, and reached every corner of the world: even to WhatsApp. That is why this October 31 the messaging application can activate “Halloween Mode” to celebrate.

Despite the immense popularity of the app, most of its users are unaware of the secret methods that allow us to make changes within the platform. And if you want to celebrate Halloween from your phone, we tell you that there is a trick with which you can activate the chilling settings.

It is a simple and free alternative. But it is only available for cell phones Android.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that although has no negative effect on security and privacy of the application,WhatsApp “target =” _ blank “> WhatsApp does not endorse any alteration or hack that unofficially modify the official design of the instant messaging service, as stated in the terms and conditions.

How to put Halloween Mode on WhatsApp?

Next, we will share the instructions:

  • Download the app Nova Launcher on Google Play Store.
  • Set the app as the default.
  • Find an iimage in Google type PNG of the WhatsApp icon in the Halloween style and download it
  • Press the WhatsApp logo for a couple of seconds.
  • Then, a series of options will be displayed, select “Edit”.
  • Tap the green WhatsApp icon.
  • Go to the folder where the image was saved and select it.
  • This way the icon will already have the Halloween look.

In addition, thanks to the Nova Launcher app you can configure all your icons, for example Gmail, TikTok, Messenger, Instagram, etc.

Just Google an alternative for the app icon you want to change. And if you get tired, you just have to uninstall Nova Launcher and you will return to the original appearance of your cell phone.

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