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In every world celebration WhatsApp joins the festivities and Hallowen is no exception. Thus, the instant messaging platform owned by Facebook, in addition to the possibility of WhatsApp-How-to-activate-Halloween-Mode-20211031-0014.html “target =” _ blank “> activate the special mode by date, created a new pack of stickers for Halloween.

These stickers are available for both Android and iOS cell phones, no need to install unknown applications. In addition, the app also allows the user himself create your custom designs.

There are several ways to obtain them and we will share them below.

How to download Halloween stickers from WhatsApp?


It is about the feasier and faster way to have the pack. The user must open the app and press the WhatsApp stickers icon within a conversation.

Then you will have to press the ‘+’ button. There a series of horizontal bars will be displayed from where you can download the stickers you want and also add them to your favorites.

Google play

Those users who have a cell phone with Android operating system, should go to the app Google play. There they must download the application Sticker Maker. Among the variety of stickers, you will find, stands out ‘Stickers for WA – Halloween’, a series of stickers so that you can use this October 31, but also keep them for future occasions.

Thus, the new stickers will be included in your personal catalog of the courier service.

There is another method if the stickers that WhatsApp added to the platform do not seem enough, and resort to, a completely secure, free app available on Google Play.

The first thing you have to do is download the application. Once you have it installed on your phone, you must enter it and on the search bar write the word “Halloween”. Several options for stickers and sticker packs will appear immediately to add to WhatsApp.

Some of the Halloween stickers available on

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