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Creating these audios for WhatsApp is very easy. Photo: TikTok/@yyooyy27 | Creating these audios for WhatsApp is very easy. Photo: TikTok/yyooyy27

exist Tik Tok and other social networks, the video with Cristiano Ronaldo’s voice caused a stir. Although many people believe that everything is the work of imitators, it was discovered that these audios were created by a copycat. AI.If you’re a fan of “Bug,” you’ll want to know that you can also use this free AI to create Voice Notes And send them to your friends via apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Do you want to know how to do it?

Generally, WhatsApp tricks circulating on the internet require users to download third-party apps on their smartphones or computers. Fortunately, the method we are going to teach you does not require the installation of any kind of software, and the best thing is that it works on any smartphone (Android or iPhone) as well as on a computer (if you use WhatsApp Web).

To create the “CR7” audio that has become a TikTok trend, you have to turn to FakeYou, a platform that you can access through browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more. Once on the page, make some settings and write the text you want to convert to WhatsApp contact audio.

Most people who use this technique are fans of “Bug,” so they use artificial intelligence to create inspirational audios, although many also use it to create birthday greetings. Regardless, if you have a friend or family member who has a birthday coming up, it’s time to give them a weird surprise.

How to create a WhatsApp audio using Cristiano Ronaldo’s voice?

  • Open Google Chrome or your favorite browser.
  • Write in the address bar https://fakeyou.com/
  • Press option’Words speak‘.
  • A new window will appear.where you have to choose the sound Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Notably, you will also find other characters such as Ash Ketchum from Pokémon, Chavo del 8, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, and more.
  • Once you have chosen your character, you must write down the information you want to convert to audio. Be sure to include periods.
  • Finally, press the “Button”speech‘ and wait for FakeYou to process your request.

Due to poor reception on the platform, users may experience excessive latency. Once FakeYou has finished converting text to speech, you can download it and send it via WhatsApp. Your friend will receive the voice message just as if you recorded it using your smartphone’s microphone.

How to make stickers easily?

WhatsApp allows us to create our own stickers With any photo or image we have saved on your smartphone. To create high-quality stickers, we can use any of these two applications.

The first one is called sticker maker Available for Android and iOS users. This app is very easy to use and you can choose any photo on your phone, it can be your friends, colleagues, family, etc.

The second application is called WSTick And provides you with tools to remove photo background or crop photo size. Its free version allows you to save 16 stickers per pack, but its paid version supports up to 30.

How to stop receiving WhatsApp notifications?

Holiday Mode was rebranded a few weeks ago when it was implemented in the official version of WhatsApp; however, its operation is the same as planned from the beginning: allowing users to block notifications from only certain conversations.

This feature changes its name to something more precise: Archive chats so that once we send any conversation, whether group or individual, to this section, it will remain there even if we receive new messages.

WhatsApp: This trick lets you send audio with Loquendo Spanish voice

WhatsApp is a trend on the social network because, through a strange trick, you can now send audio with the Spanish voice of Loquendo, a legendary computer program that became popular on YouTube a few years ago. Thousands of netizens have used it to create videos of everything from makeup tutorials to creepy pasta. Do you want to know how to send messages using this voice synthesizer? We will teach you below.

One of the requirements for sending this type of audio is having an Android phone. If you have an iPhone or other device developed by Apple, you cannot do this. If you meet this criteria, you must go to the Play Store and look for the application called La Voz de Zueira (you can find it at this link). Once installed on your computer, you must grant it the necessary permissions so that it can function properly.

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