WhatsApp is testing a search feature to Help users in the fight against Fake News


MENLO PARK, iNews.id Instant messaging such as WhatsApp are vulnerable as a medium for the dissemination of information, which is not true. So, WhatsApp is currently the development of new features to combat the dissemination of false information and fake news.

After WABetaInfo, the code to add features potential implies first appeared in the app about a year ago. Since then there have been further developments in the beta version 2.20.94.

Quoted from Android Authority Wednesday (25/3/2020), the new function can search for the user directly to the content in the message transmitted to you on the internet. The goal is to verify the accuracy of the content.

The app seems to be by clicking “search” icon next to these messages. Then, when the user clicks on the icon of the app, a dialog box is displayed, asking if you want to check the content via Google.

When the user taps the ‘Search the Web’, paste the application that will help the entire message in the Google search to check you to spread the credibility of the information. Although this function can look different at the time of the IPO, the company has confirmed it is to release at least something similar in the future.

“We are working on new features to help users find additional information about messages you receive have been forwarded many times. This feature is currently in testing and we hope to launch it in the near future,” a spokesperson of WhatsApp on Tech Crunch.

The world is currently fighting against the corona virus. So, the right time for the company to start Facebook, as a feature now. Bear in mind, there is a lot of misinformation about the virus Covid-19 circulation and the search function can help filter.

Editor : Early Angela