WhatsApp Release New Features More, This Kuy!


Winnetnews.com – Messaging service a million people, the WhatsApp published features you can delete messages automatically or messages disappear beta version for WhatsApp-version 2.20.83 and 2.20.84. Latest features of belonging to Facebook, has been tested, for the group chat, even if only with a specific contact is referred to as the admin be able to enable this feature.

Quote CNNIndonesia.com, Tuesday (17/3) of the news portal NDTV the launch of the Website Wabetainfoif the features messages disappear released on a massive scale, users can change the time of WhatsApp messages are automatically deleted.

WhatsApp offers a range of options From namely, the user does not want to, activate the function with a large selection of the time, during an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Previously, WhatsApp officially function released dark mode or dark mode for all Android and iOS devices.

Use to be able to dark-mode WhatsApp, make sure that the service used book, in Android-and iOS-the latest version of use. In iOS, WhatsApp latest version of 2.20.30. While in the case of Android, the latest version of 2.20.69 is.

Not only the features dark mode and messages disappear. There are also other functions, which is released, WhatsApp, for example, the function “call waiting” or Call-waiting.

The company is the introduction of the option Call waiting 2020. This function is useful when the user receive a call and another call arrives, is displayed in the menu drop-down.

Option drop-down on the features Call waiting this is used to rejection, or another call comes in. In addition to call waiting, the emoji feature is transferred to the new version 13.0 and account.