WhatsApp The Release Of Dark Mode, Is It More Healthy Eyes?


Suara.com – According to Twitter and Instagram, this time WhatsApp release features a dark mode, or dark mode for Android devices and iOS.

On its website, WhatsApp said that the purpose of the release of this new fashion phenomenon, the strain on the eyes in low-light environments to reduce.

“Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a new perspective on a familiar experience. This is designed to be eye strain in low light situations with the reduce,” wrote WhatsApp.

For many users with disorders or abnormalities of vision, dark mode offering a better experience.

For example, people with anomalies, such as photophobia, or keratoconus, a condition that causes, to read that a high sensitivity to light, it can be easier, with a dark theme.

The function of the dark mode WhatsApp available starting from March 2020. [Dok WhatsApp]
The function of the dark mode WhatsApp available starting from March 2020. [Dok WhatsApp]

But, it turns out that there is still little evidence that shows that, with the help of the dark-mode in the daytime, in the office, the bright lights, or the phone, it is better than the alternative for most people.

“I don’t think dark mode on the health of your eyes in any way, given the data that exist in literature,” said Euna Koo, ophthalmologist at Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute.

“The duration of use is likely to be much more important than mode or intensity of the brightness of the device,” he continued, as reported Vice.

While a professor of neurobiology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham found that this mode is also useful for sleep. Gamlin studied to move cells in the retina of the eye that the human circadian rhythm and the drive the response of the student.

“With the dark mode in the evening and before going to bed is expected to be cycles less influence on the rhythm of the sirkardian and sleep and Wake you up,” he said CNN Business.