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Gathering more than 2 billion active users worldwide, the application of WhatsApp became the most popular instant messaging service in the world. That same popularity forces developers of Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, to constantly bring new and innovative functions to users, to stay on the podium against competing applications such as Telegram and Signal.

One of the novelties that WhatsApp always surprises with is that of emojis. The Facebook property, recently renamed Meta, are always adding new emoticons to accompany your stickers in our chats, and each of them have a meaning, such as the ghost emoji.

The white ghost appears on the WhatsApp keyboard as a caricature or cartoon, grinning with a goofy grin. With his tongue sticking out and his arms outstretched, he gives the impression that he is trying to scare someone but not in a terrifying way, but rather in a friendly way.

The ghost emoji appears throughout various web service vendors, varying slightly in design depending on the style of each one. The most frequent change from one service to another is the size of your eyes. In the old Samsung design, for example, there was a smiley face in a ghost costumeto. Despite the differences, their message remains the same.

The ghost emoji, through different services and applications.

WhatsApp usually explains the meaning of each emoji through a platform called Emojipedia: “A cartoon white ghost making a face. His tongue is outstretched and his arms are outstretched, as if trying to scare someone in a friendly way. Various platforms feature a larger, bulging eye“is described by the website.

It resembles a classic ghost costume for Halloween. It can also be used to convey something or someone is funny or ridiculous. Thanks to his raised arms, some use this emoji as a way to express an excited Yay!“, explains the platform specialized in emojis. In short, it is an ideal emoji for convey a naughty or joyful feelingespecially around Halloween.

The new WhatsApp emojis

WhatsApp presented a new update of its app for the Google Play Store from Android, where a modification to two of his classic emoticons appeared. The version of WhatsApp that introduces the new emojis corresponds to the version, available on Android through the beta program. Beyond emojis, this version does not seem to introduce any other changes.

Changes in WhatsApp emojis in its new trial version. (Courtesy WaBetaInfo)

The modified emojis are the couple in love with a heart, in his version with his eyes open and closed. Until now, the emojis showed a man and a woman, but with the latest update these have been replaced by two people of non-binary gender. It is also expected that in the future it will be possible modify skin tone of these emojis through the tone selector integrated in the emoji menu.

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