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WhatsApp It is the most used messaging application in the world and it is almost impossible not to use it at least once a day to communicate with someone. However, more and more people show WhatsApp-comes-a-new-function-to-maximize-the-privacy-of-your-account-20210718-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> concern for your privacy, for what they go to platforms like Telegram. For example, many are upset with famous people “Online” or “writing”. And although they do not know much about it, there are several tricks to hide them.

The good thing is that it is necessary to install a third-party application or an unofficial version of WhatsApp, which usually have consequences such as suspensions. Also, some of these “secrets” are for both iOS and Android cell phones. All you have to do is have the instant messaging platform owned by Goal.

How to hide “Online” and “Writing” in WhatsApp

Activate “airplane mode” in WhatsApp

When you receive a message, lower the notification bar.
There you will see the “airplane mode” icon.
Next, activate the “airplane mode” that will leave you without data or wifi.
Then go to WhatsApp and read or reply to all the messages.
Finally, close WhatsApp and reconnect.
All the messages that you left written will be sent and no one will know that you are “writing” or “online”.

Add the WhatsApp Widget to your cell phone screen

The WhatsApp widget can only be seen on Android and is also known as “Invisible Mode”.
Enter any empty part of your cell phone.
Now, just press for about 2 seconds and a button will appear that says Widgets.
Look for WhatsApp and add the message box.
You can define how much space you want it to occupy: 4×5, 4×4, etc.
Then you can tell someone to text you.
At that moment you will see that all the messages will be seen in the box without having to open the app.
And of course the “online” will not appear either.

Activate the display of WhatsApp notifications

First you will have to enter the Settings of your cell phone.
Then, you must go to Applications.
Search for the WhatsApp application.
In Notifications you must activate the “Show WhatsApp notifications” button.
After activation, you can read and even respond from the same notification without having to connect.
Best of all, it will not appear “typing” either.

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