WhatsApp Web: 5 new features and how to activate them

WhatsApp Web It is an excellent option to have on a computer or tablet the most used messenger in the world, owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

Now, to continue expanding your user base and improving the web experience, the WhatsApp platform adds new functions, some are already available and others were advanced by the portal specialized in leaks, WABetaInfo.

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The new functions of WhatsApp Web

Turn off the sound of incoming calls

If someone calls us on WhatsApp, while we are using WhatsApp Web, it appears a floating window that allows us to accept or reject the call. Also, when calling someone, another window appears, smaller, indicating the status of the call.

The other novelty is that the Web platform allows turn off the ringtone for calls entrees so as not to be disturbed.

Biggest stickers on WhatsApp Web

This novelty has already reached many users. You don’t have to do anything, but it shows at a glance: the stickers that are viewed from the browser or WhatsApp Web application they are much bigger.

Stickers on WhatsApp Web look bigger.  (Photo: TN Tecno)
Stickers on WhatsApp Web look bigger. (Photo: TN Tecno)By: Alejo Mario Zagalsky

WhatsApp Web: change of colors on the platform

This option is already available in WhatsApp Web and allows you to change the wallpaper of the conversations. The system is very simple.

– Enter WhatsApp Web and enter “Settings”

– There we will see an option called “Wallpaper”

– By clicking we can choose a specific color from a fairly wide range of options

The option to set the wallpaper colors in WhatsApp Web (Photo: TN Tecno).
The option to set the wallpaper colors in WhatsApp Web (Photo: TN Tecno).

Later it is expected that also from WhatsApp Web you can upload your own image to turn it into the wallpaper.

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Updated contact information

Another novelty that would arrive in the short term is a modification in information of businesses, WhatsApp groups and contacts in general.

WABetaInfo He explained that “a new interface for contact information, commercial information, group information that will resemble that of cell phones will arrive on the platform.”

How to publish statuses from the computer with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web will allow upload states from a computer, something that until now was exclusive to cell phones.

– To use it you have to click on the menu at the bottom right of the platform.

– A tab will then open, from which you can upload a photo or video. It will automatically be shared as a status for our WhatsApp contacts to see.

It is important to note that some of these options are gradually reaching the more than 2,000 million users that WhatsApp has worldwide. Others are expected to arrive on the platform in the short or medium term.

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