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WhatsApp It is one of the most used messaging applications in the world, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. Although that massiveness also has its points against, since became a favorite of hackers to carry out their attacks.

Thus, the International Internet User Security Office already projected possible cyber threats for next year on the instant messaging platform owned by Goal and launched a warning for a fake campaign that grew in recent weeks that has as aim to impersonate your identity.

Respecting the growing trend of cybercriminals to scam users through messages that incite them to perform certain steps or invite them to open a link, a message -with link included- that downloads a WhatsApp-a-fake-message-is-capable-of-emptying-bank-accounts-20210930-0049.html “target =” _ blank “> Trojan virus on the cell phone.

As reported by the International Internet User Security Office, he is represented as an invitation to update your backup of conversations of WhatsApp, but in reality it seeks to extract the backup of the conversations in the app and the user’s call history.

However, the positive is that the entity assured that if the user received the email, but did not execute the file that is downloaded on the fake link, most likely the cell phone does not get infected. “All you have to do is delete the file that you will find in the download folder. You should also send the mail you have received to the trash”, They recommended.

The virus detected in WhatsApp by the international body.

What to do if the message arrives on WhatsApp?

To avoid a disaster in the device, the security principal specified that, in case the link was clicked, you will have to delete the file that is in the download folder and it is also necessary to send the mail to the trash that may have been received.

Furthermore, the organization recommends that do not open any type of link sent by chat, since the company usually communicates about its updates as soon as the application is opened and not through a chat.

“To check the veracity, you can contact the company or the service that supposedly has sent you the mail, always through its official customer service channels “explained the institution.

Also, for added security, it is advisable to make WhatsApp-so-you-can-activate-the-new-encrypted-backup-end-to-end-20211018-0005.html “target =” _ blank “> backup copies periodically with all the information that you consider important so that, in the event that your computer is affected by a security incident, you do not lose it. It is also recommended keep your devices updated and protected with an antivirus.

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