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Whatsappp is the most used messaging application in the world -more than 2 billion downloads- and to satisfy its users it constantly launches a large number of functions, many of which reached the app almost without us noticing. And now, just started the year, has just released a tool that will make your life easier when you receive messages: WhatsApp-related-with-profile-photos-20220108-0009.html “target =” _ blank “> profile photos in notifications.

The specialized site WABetaInfo discovered that some users of the vBeta version of WhatsApp in iOS 15 they already have the latest news available of the instant messaging platform owned by Goal– System notifications now include profile photos of users who send you a message.

As can be seen in the screenshot that we leave you below these lines, WhatsApp included the profile photos in the notifications you receive in your iPhone, which means that when a contact sends you a message through a private chat or through a group vYou will see their profile picture in the lock screen notification.

According to the source consulted, this new function is only available in iOS 15 and not in earlier versions of Apple software Because it uses the APIs of iOS 15. So if you have an iPhone with iOS 15 and the WhatsApp beta installed and you still haven’t received this new feature, don’t worry because the application plans to activate this function for more WhatsApp accounts very early.

As it is a function in development, it may still not work properly and that we have to wait for future updates that improve small bugs.

“WhatsApp may experience some problems when adding profile photos to specific notifications: Since this is a beta feature, we should expect new updates to improve the feature soon ”, they warned.

At the moment, this feature is only available to some iOS beta users, but as usual, it will not take long to reach the Beta of WhatsApp for Android.

The changes that are coming in WhatsApp in 2022

  • Recipients of a photo: You can edit the recipients of a photo before sending it. A small bar will appear below the chat that will allow us to edit who we send the photo to.
  • Design for profiles: there will be a complete redesign of private profiles as well as business profiles.
  • Animated hearts– Like the popular red “beating” heart, the rest of the heart emojis will also be animated and have their own heartbeat.
  • Communities: similar to groups or forums. Communities will allow up to ten groups, and an additional group in which the administrators of that group can post announcements and no other user can write to them.
  • Nearby businesses: the stores that are around us will have their own WhatsApp account and we will be able to speak to them directly without having to add any contact to our agenda.

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