When a family refuses to vaccinate their children, the Justice Department steps in

On Thursday, the Cuyo clinic had to ask for help from the Mendoza Justice Department A family will refuse to vaccinate their child.in this dispute Vaccinationthe Family Court and ETI intervened.

Condition The incident was sparked on Thursday after a family refused to have their baby receive a mandatory vaccine and developed in vaccination plans. Against this background of denial, the medical staff at the Cuyo clinic decided to report the case to the authorities.

According to the Ministry of Health, vaccines are one of the main measures to avoid a range of preventable diseases that seriously harm our health. To this end, they believe that the act of vaccination is a responsibility and obligation that must be carried out at every stage of life, so that not only the vaccinated person is protected, but the entire society is also protected.

Despite the emphasis on vaccination, The family tried to delay vaccinations because it turned out they had a son with autism spectrum disorder. They blame the condition on vaccines (a link that science debunked decades ago).

Following complaints from health workers and the Cuyo Clinic, the Family Court and the Interdisciplinary Technical Team (ETI) in Las Heras intervened and decided this Friday that the baby should be vaccinated.

If his parents object to the court’s decision, Health workers have the right to vaccinate and intervene, If necessary, this can be done with the help of police personnel, as this is considered a right of minors.

Finally, after the court ruling, the parents They agree to vaccinate minors with corresponding dosage. They are hepatitis B vaccine (must be given within 12 hours of birth) and BCG tuberculosis vaccine (given before leaving the maternity hospital).

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