When Anne Hathaway and Dicaprio were close to death


Even though they belong to the Pantheon of cinema, the stars that populate Hollywood are deadly. Some of them, in fact, have recognized having gone through a near death experience. From George Clooney to Tom Hanks, passing by Isla Fisher or Anne Hathaway.

George Clooney won an Oscar for his performance in the film “Syriana” in 2005, but the price that he paid, according to commented the own actor was high. While filming one of the scenes, which simulated a situation of torture, the actor suffered a serious injury.

In the scene, Clooney gave his body on the ground in an aggressive way. “I thought he had a heart attack. It was like having the siren of a train inside my head. I could not stand,” said the also director, producer and scriptwriter on the incident, according to published the journal Reads in 2014.

The actor was immediately taken from Morocco, where it rolled to The Angels. There, the medical team seemed to be unaware of the source of the intense pain of Clooney, until the brother of the actress Lisa Kudrow, a neurologist by profession, he realized that she was losing fluid spinal.

The injury was more serious than they thought. Underwent treatment for weeks and came to comment on that until he thought of suicide.

Vacation unfortunate of Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, who has appeared in movies such as “Serenity”, “The Hustle” or “Interstellar”, almost dies during a vacation on the island of Hawaii in the year 2014.

The actress got into the ocean for surfing and got caught by the current. Fell of the table and tried to swim towards the shore, but could not get closer by the force of the water.

Finally, the actress in new york asked for help and was aided by a few surfers who managed to make it safe. In the end, everything was in a scare and a small cut.

Dicaprio, close to death on three occasions

Leonardo DiCaprio, the protagonist of “Titanic” and “The Revenant”, has also been close to him to take the grim reaper. Specifically, on three occasions.

“My friends have appointed me the person you least want to do extreme adventure, because it always seems that I’m to the point of being part of a disaster,” said the artist to the magazine Wire.

The actor told the media that, while he was making diving in south Africa, a white shark entered the cage in which he found himself. “Half of his body was inside and was trying to bite me,” he added after the incident.
Another episode that could have ended in tragedy happened during a day of skydiving.

“Throw away the first parachute and was tangled. The instructor that was cut. I didn’t even think the parachute is extra, so I thought that we were falling into a tailspin right to our death,” said the actor. The second, though I was also tangled, we finally opened and were able to land.

On another occasion, DiCaprio was flying towards Russia when the engine of the plane exploded. “I was sitting there, looking at the wing, when the entire wing exploded in a ball of fire. The only one who was watching at the time,” he recalled. The device finally landed in the airport emergency JFK New York.

Fisher island, an accident to Houdini

Isla Fisher almost drowned on a certain occasion when he was making a scene in the movie “Now you see me” (2013). I had to play a trick of escapism under the water in the style of Harry Houdini, when the chain to which it was linked was stuck making it unable to swim back to the surface.

“Everyone thought I was acting fabulously, but, in reality, I was drowning,” said the actress to an average american.

While Fisher was struggling to get rid of the chain, a member of the team realized that something was wrong and activated the emergency mechanism to empty the tank in which it was, saving the life of the actress.

Mark Wahlberg and his nightmares

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 is one of the events most tragic in the history of the united States.

After that the two planes are estrellasen against the Twin Towers of New York city, there were people who were told how, by chance, had not embarked on any of the appliances damaged.

Mark Wahlberg confessed a few years later that he was one of those people.

It was scheduled that the actor was up to the board of the flight 11 of American Airlines that then crashed into one of the towers, but decided to change their plans and go to a film festival in Toronto (Canada).

Wahlberg said to have had up to 50 nightmares about what would have happened to have travelled on it.

Tom Hanks, almost more than a naúfrago

The actor and producer californian Tom Hanks was filming in the Fiji islands the film “Cast away” (2000), a story of how an employee of the transport company FedEX survives on a deserted island after a plane crash. But during the filming was cut in the leg.

This injury was getting worse gradually for, in the end become infected. Fortunately, the team doctor of the shooting, he noticed the state of the wound and sent Hanks to the hospital.

“I was there for three days with something that, believe it or not, almost killed me”, he confessed within a few weeks the BBC british.