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Like so many other tapes in the studio, the story takes place over an indeterminate period of time, but some conclusions can be drawn.

Disney’s latest animated movie, Charm, that for just a few weeks it has been available at no additional cost to Disney + subscribers, is proving to be a true phenomenon among fans, who have found in the adventure of Mirabel and her peculiar family a charming story – never better said – and with a lot of message.

The creators of the film were clear that they did not want to tell the story of a perfect family and, according to what they told SensaCine In their interview on the occasion of the film’s premiere, they looked at the pluses and minuses of their own to give life to the different personalities of the inhabitants of Casita. “The film connects so much with all viewers because family is a universal theme, we all have families. And we have all felt at times that we were not like others saw us, and that has been fundamental,” producer Byron Howard told us.

So much has connected Charm with viewers, that the curious details that the film hides, some of its ‘easter-eggs’ and other anecdotes around its creation have quickly been noticed by many of them. An example of this is the clue that was given about Bruno in one of the most popular songs in the film or the meaning of colors in the film. A whole collection of curiosities that make it even more special.

‘Encanto’: The funny detail of the song about Bruno that you may have overlooked

One of the curiosities of the film and the peculiarities of Casita is that the electric light does not appear, but all the scenes of the film are illuminated with candles, the sun, the moon or the magic that its characters possess. In addition, as analyzed by the website ScreenRant, Charm It leaves us some clues to establish the approximate time in which it takes place.

When does ‘Encanto’ take place?

Like many other Disney movies, Charm It is set in an intentionally indeterminate time, so that it is impossible to establish an exact timeline. However, which leaves the exact timeline unclear. But nevertheless, although the time of Charm It is not clear, we did find some clues.

Cemented largely on the cultural influences of its location, Colombia, the surroundings of Charm It presents plants and animals typical of the area, as well as traditional clothes and foods. Also the music, which is one of the key elements in the film, combines different Colombian musical styles. However, while its location is not only clear but is featured very prominently in the film, the creators wanted the time period in which it elapses to be a more vague detail.

In general, they established Charm in Colombia at the beginning of the 20th century, but it is possible to reduce this time period to the 1950s based on some historical and technological clues that the aforementioned publication has compiled.

The exciting reason Disney made ‘Encanto’

On the one hand, Charm It begins with Grandma Alma telling the story of how she and her husband had to escape the violence in their village, caused by the Colombian Civil War. After the soldiers killed Pedro, Alma was the subject of a miracle through her enchanted candle. If we take into account the lack of modern technology in the ‘flashbacks’ that show the village of Alma and Pedro, probably the war that the woman was referring to is the Thousand Day War, occurred between 1899 and 1902. When, the main plot of the story begins, Alma has had the candle for approximately 50 years, which means thatand Charm It occurs around the 1950s.

The theory of this approximate date would also be reinforced by the technology that we see in the film: the camera the Madrigals use is vintage-style and Bruno has a gramophone that his rats play with in his hidden room in Casita. Likewise, Bruno also recreates contests and soap operas with his pets that gained popularity in the 50s; and fashion, with all female characters only wearing dresses and skirts, also suggests that decade.

If you want to look at all the details, do not forget that the movie is available on Disney +.

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