When does Fortnite Chapter 3 start?

We just said goodbye to Fortnite Chapter 2, but players are already looking forward to ‘sinking their teeth’ into Chapter 3, although unfortunately there is still no official departure time for this new season. In fact, it was expected to be in a few days, as it happened more than two years ago.

But players have tried to inquire from other sources and It seems that the launch of the first season of this chapter 3 could be much closer than expected, or at least that’s what the great allies of the community are aiming at in this ‘fight’: consoles.

And it is that both on the part of Xbox and PlayStation we have received clues that point to 10:00 ET on Sunday, December 5. This means that it could leave around 4:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, less than 24 hours after the end of the event.

In the case of PlayStation, the source is the support itself. A) Yes @PowerSloth assures it on Twitter, which shows a screenshot in which they tell you that the game will not be accessible until the beginning of the new season, pointing to the date mentioned above.

Another player, @GMatrixGames, showed a capture in his Twitter account with which he assured that from Xbox they set the end of maintenance at 10:00 on December 5. We do not know in what time zone it is collected, but it seems that it is the same as in the previous case. So you don’t get lost, we list the schedule by country.

  • Mexico – 9:00
  • Colombia – 10:00
  • Peru – 10:00
  • Argentina – 12:00
  • Spain – 16:00

These information do not confirm that it will start there, since once the maintenance is finished, they may well continue with the access closed to launch it at another time, since the first rumors suggested that it would not start until Tuesday.

But @HYPEX, a well known community content creator, has assured on Twitter that, despite this initial forecast, the leak of the different trailers has made it go ahead. In less than 16 hours we will leave doubts.

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