When does the long-awaited movie, Runaway Chicken: Origins of the Nuggets, premiere on Netflix?

that was in 2000 “chicken run” It surprised everyone with its impeccable stop-motion animation, art, and plot of the chicken trying to escape the shackles of an exploiting farmer.So when Netflix announced it was making the film, fans went wild Its sequel, Runaway Chicken: Rise of the Nuggets.

The sequel to “Chicken’s Run” came out more than two decades after the original, surprising fans who saw it as children, because now, like all gentlemen with rheumatism and gastritis, they will be able to know the truth of the story Ending, because this movie has an open ending.

Luckily, Netflix picked up the rights to the brand and started making Nuggets Origins, which shows that times and chickens are changing.

‘Runaway Chicks’ Sequel Focuses on the Original Chicks Now Pretending to Be Infiltrate the Nugget Factory and discover its hidden secrets And save your trapped companions from turning into disgusting but delicious chicken noodles.

In the new trailer released by Netflix, you can see the chicks plan to enter the nugget factory, and the disastrous way they fail to complete the task, full of British humor.

Likewise, Netflix has announced when Runaway Chicken: Origins of the Nuggets will appear in its catalogue, a date that, while seemingly distant, is very close.

‘Runaway Chicken: Rise of the Nuggets’ Premieres Next on Netflix December 15, 2023 this year, So this would be a great way to celebrate the winter holidays.

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