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When Farmers Mine Ethereum With Cow Dung

English farmers have found a system to mine Ethereum using cow dung from their cattle. To believe that money does smell, after all.

It’s no secret, but among the main criticisms leveled at cryptocurrencies by their detractors, there is the (serious) issue of the environmental footprint. Mining cryptocurrencies takes computing power. And therefore energy. An energy that is not always green.

There is therefore a real ecological impact on cryptocurrencies and this is also officially what prompted Elon Musk to suspend Bitcoin payments for Tesla cars.

Cow dung to mine cryptocurrency

Many are wondering how to make cryptocurrencies greener. It would seem that English farmers are starting to respond. At least according to the story reported by Metro.

In the United Kingdom, farmers have indeed had the idea of ​​using cow dung to mine Ethereum.

Concretely, cow dung produces methane. This methane is transformed into electricity. This electricity is then used to power mining RIGs, without any additional input from the network. And the craziest thing is that the electricity generated in the operation alone is enough to cover all the needs of the operation.

A 100% green initiative

Contrary to what one might think, the idea is not completely new.

British farmers have been able to use their cattle dung to generate electricity for a while. Some have even developed close partnerships with the National Grid. The operation is quite lucrative, since the farmers who have turned to this program pocket 7 cents per kilowatt. A welcome addition.

But now, this offer is far from being as advantageous as the one involving cryptocurrencies. As Easy Crypto Hunter, the company behind this initiative, explains, a platform can bring in £ 40… per day. That is about £ 15,000 per year.

And it looks like it works. The company claims to have over 250 registered customers.


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