when flying becomes a matter of style

Travel has become a daily habit and find yourself in airport, between business and pleasure trips, it’s easier than you think. So the real one was born directoryairport style, an unwritten anthology for travelers who often meet at terminals and do not want to give up the sophistication of their appearance. The most fashionable voyeurs have learned from celebrities to prefer outfits in the name of comfortbut at the same time well-groomed.

After an edgy phase in which jumpsuits and oversizes and mismatched pajamas reigned supreme, airport style adopts travel-specific clothing that combines quality and breathability in fabrics. simple yet representative aestheticto cope with the inconvenience caused by many hours of flight, the discomfort of the seats, too strong air conditioning.

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Fur style icons

In the past, flying was the preserve of a very few, or at least not very frequent for most people, since it was elite luxury. This required suitable and designer looks: Hollywood divas, from Marilyn Monroe To Audrey Hepburnfrom Brigitte Bardot To Bianca Jaggerwore coordinated and highly designer outfits from Chanel to Balmain, from Courrèges to Dior, from Hermès to Louis Vuitton, who completed each look with lavish suitcase sets.

Elegance was a must, and celebrities walked up the steps of planes wearing the same inspiration became a red carpet: airports thus became the daytime equivalent of a supershow where stars were photographed and honored.

Give her heels and matching furs from Audrey Hepburn’s puffy skirts and tailored jackets, to 60s and 70s over-the-knee and futuristic over-the-knee mini dresses by Pierre Cardin, Mary Quant and Paco Rabanne, worn by stars like Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton traveling divas showcased their best outfits to maintain their status as style icons.

Comfort and minimalism

Until the 1980s, the main purpose of airport attire was to capture the attention of most photographers and the general public with eclectic clothing and accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, high-heeled shoes, and sophisticated and in some cases eccentric garments. .

However, as airports became less elitist and less congested, dress patterns reflected this transition, eschewing excessive elegance in favor of modesty. more minimalistic and restrained stylewhich indicates the need more privacy AND more elusive attitude in the direction of the paparazzi, seeking to capture the most personal and confidential details of the life of celebrities.

Typical minimalism of the 90s is embodied in simple and casual travel looks, characterized by jeans, a T-shirt, a baseball cap and sneakers. Trading glamor for comfort and a good performance in front of blinding flashes for privacy, sportswear and dark sunglasses they became tools to blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed.

Among the most iconic stars of that period, Kate Moss ranks in the top ten along with Cindy Crawford, Whitney Houston, Lauren Hutton, Liz Hurley.

Ultimate jumpsuits and pajamas

With the onset of the 2000s, the main prerogative of the travel look is comfort, with great distribution tracksuits and sneakersvery, very often considered the only combination capable of guaranteeing practicality and comfort during flights.

After a phase that had mismatched pajamas and a scruffy look, today, the airport is a catwalk where you can demonstrate style and individuality: Victoria Beckham in 2019 he even made it a business by launching t-shirts with the slogan “Airport is my runway“.

In 2020, a project called Instagram was born Airport exterior, sort of a moodboard page that collects and archives snapshots and articles depicting the most iconic airport looks in history, with the intention of being a source of inspiration for people who like to carefully choose what and how to wear certain items for their air travel. .

Tip #1: overlay

For the best airport appearance, it is dispassionately recommended to excel in the art of layering, which is best defined as the skill of dressing in an onion style. Focusing on layering means creating multi-stage outfits, layering fabrics from lightest to heaviest. Breathable and heat-regulating fabrics are preferred over synthetic ones, and large or comfortable cuts are super-thin and snug.

Among the essentials, Alexa Chung like a good girl british girl prefers trenchwhile Rihanna is all about maxi denim jacket; Kate Moss he never gives up his blazer and heels, unlike Emily Ratajkowski and Julianne Moore who, travel, they reward functionality and prefer super-flat shoes, choosing accordingly Birkenstocks AND slip-on sneakers.

The coded message of airport style clearly proclaims the importance of wearing casual but not overly comfortable clothing when traveling, and instructs you not to underestimate the importance of always being yourself through what you wear.

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