“When I go to visit my parents, they still make me wash the dishes.”

Wednesday (Wednesday) star Jenna Ortega opens up about how her parents support her in her career while helping her stand on her own two feet.

Jenna Ortega: “When I go to visit my parents, they still make me do the dishes.”

Jenna Ortega still washes dishes at her parents’ house, despite he amassed a $300,000 fortune in just 20 years thanks to gained fame thanks to the Netflix series “A Wednesday” (Wednesday), the first episodes of which were directed by Tim Burton. The actress, who is currently very popular in Hollywood, has given audiences great roles throughout her career, such as the role of Ellie Alves in the television series You and recently the role of Tara Carpenter in Scream VI. In addition, Wednesday surpassed Stranger Things as the most popular series on Netflix, achieving worldwide fame. However, despite this, the actress has her feet on the ground, especially thanks to her family, as she says in a recent interview with People.

During the interview, Ortega spoke about her parents and how they always supported her in achieving her dreams. “I love coming home to the Coachella Valley (after filming) and seeing my family and friends who have been with me since day one. It’s nice to always have them next to me“, the star said on Wednesday. The actress also added that, despite the fame she has achieved, her parents still force her to do household chores: “I come home from filming and they remember to tell me that there are dishes waiting for me in the sink. They keep my feet on the ground“.

Ortega continued by expressing gratitude to his parents, whom he considers exceptional: “I think it’s hard for them to see less and less of me. I’m still young, I travel a lot, they care about my safety most of all, but they also want me to behave well. I’m very, very lucky. I have wonderful parents. They just want me to be safe and happy“, concluded the actress.

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Jenna Ortega and fame since childhood

Although the actress is grateful to her current parents, she does not hide the fact that she was greatly overwhelmed by the fame she received at a young age, because of which she was subjected to a lot of pressure and which forced her to grow up faster: “I faced a lot of pressure from social media. I discovered that the film world is full of fake people, and it’s crazy. I feel like I’ve grown up quickly“However, despite the difficulties, Ortega is determined to remain in the world of cinema:”It’s nice because now I understand a lot about the world of cinema. The director on set tells me, “Jenna, you’re going to steal our job,” and that’s my goal! I hope to become a director one day“.

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