“When I was 13, if I didn’t wear makeup, I felt like I wasn’t ready.”

Growing up in front of the camera taught him the power of images. Now she has solidified her credentials as a producer and as an ambassador for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Although he has been a regular on American television since the age of 13, the small screen is barely turned on at the home of Yara Shahidi (Minnesota, 23). “Until I enter Darker Instead of starting TV during the week, we only aired the series on Wednesdays,” he recalled with a smile during a video call. The family comedy ran for eight seasons and racked up 18 Emmy nominations and 7 A Golden Globe nomination also allowed Shahidi to mature in front of the camera. Today, he shows that it is possible to grow in the industry without going astray, but only with help: “I’m lucky to have My family, they are my guides in life. “

Miles Brown, Yara Shahidi, Marsai Martin, Marcus Scribner and Tracee Ellis Ross in a still from Chapter One Darker 2015. Photo: Cordon News

In the Shahidi household, strict rules always come with lessons. Many people, especially during the turbulent teenage years, relate to beauty: “From an early age, my mother very intentionally taught me to love my curls or my skin. I always thought of my family as Role models, because they looked like me, so I grew up thinking I was beautiful too.” Until puberty hit: “Suddenly all the images around me started to have a bigger impact on me, and I went from having my own style to Wanted an outfit because that’s what everyone was wearing. Luckily, this phase didn’t last long, but I distinctly remember going from feeling good and confident to questioning everything and being nervous about acne breakouts.” With the tools he has today, he relives his adolescence: “I was in the debate club at school, and the people on our team were all from different origins, all black or Latino, with curly hair. In a big debate Before, us girls knew, without anyone telling us, that we had to straighten our hair to project a more professional image.” Being part of one of the most watched series on free-to-air television in the United States didn’t help: “When I was 13 When I was 12 years old, I wore two sets of eyelashes, was always blushing, wore a few lipsticks… I felt like I wasn’t ready for the world if I didn’t wear makeup. I was too young to Should have been so dependent on makeup. But again it was my parents who helped me rebuild my confidence. Now I understand that makeup and body care are accessories to me. Some great accessories that allow me to be creative and have fun. Anxiety and tension are also reduced ”

Today she is a businesswoman and has been giving birth with her mother since 2018 Growth, derivatives The show that catapulted her to prominence: “It all started because I was so deeply involved in the behind-the-scenes of every scene. I was basically working on the production but didn’t call it that, until one day it was time to The creator of the program told me: “No, what you’re doing is making. ” Then I realized how much I loved it. My mother and I are partners and we take on projects where we tell creative stories, build teams… which is really nice because she’s my best friend , we share common values. mature “This is first contact and our first film will be released in the fall.”

On September 8, he makes his debut as a producer on a feature film premiering on Amazon Prime, Sitting in the bar and eating cake, A movie about friendship in which he also stars.Last spring he became Tinkerbell peter pan and wendy, This new adaptation of Barrie’s classic outrages the most reactionary classes with the presence of the Black Fairy. “When choosing a new project, I look at two things. First, if I want to see a movie or series, I want to do something creative and interesting because I’m young. But I also like that they have values ​​and goals That doesn’t mean every job has to be about activism, sometimes it’s subtle things like playing with Tinkerbell. I love embodying that fantasy that affected me so much and sharing it with a new generation of kids. The purpose of each project doesn’t have to be obvious, but it should have something you enjoy and relate to.”

Yara Shahidi plays Tinker Bell in stills peter pan and wendy (2023). Photo: Cordon News

Changing and shaping the image of the world for future generations is no small matter. That’s why she donned golden armor and channeled the divine air of a perfume goddess in Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest campaign: “It seemed like a way to do something new, but in line with me values ​​because it means embracing everything a woman can be.” When she takes off her corset, she’s just a twentysomething enjoying herself: “The last time I felt divine was at a concert Yes, I love the way live music makes me feel. Dancing with my friends…it was absolutely divine! “

On the left is Yara Shahidi in a promotional campaign, on the right is the vegan fragrance in her image, Gaultier by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER. Photo: Getty Images/Fashion Suits

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