When Is Amazon Prime Day 2023 (And How It Works)

We were just waiting for the official announcement, and now we are ready to start the countdown. L’amazon prime day 2023 is arriving, and with it the usual sea of ​​offers and promotions to swim in in search of the best deals for this summer. By now we know the formula all too well: two days, a total of 48 hours to immerse yourself in the altar of online shopping, to start the holidays with the awareness (and satisfaction) that you’ve brought home something useful at a very affordable price. . from new smartphones But smart watches to resume training, from Dress to the sea white sneakers For the next pool party, passing daggertrimmer, sunscreen, electric scooter etc etc etc

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

The truth is, we should find out soon. Really, very soon. Experience tells us that Prime Day usually occurs between the last two weeks of June and the first half of July, so an official announcement should be just around the corner. Will there be previews? Will the e-commerce giant be spreading special discounts and flash offers during these coming weeks? One thing is certain, staying informed is essential: here’s the advice we must follow our newsletter it’s our GQ page dedicated to Prime DayNecessary to stay hyper-updated.

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a very quick recap, if this is your first amazon prime day, As soon as the X hour of the event begins, thousands and thousands of offers will appear that practically touch every possible corner of the purchasable universe, and there is only one requirement to be able to take advantage of them: to be registered with the service Amazon Prime, If you are already – or if you have subscribed prime video, it’s basically the same thing – so no problem, you’re all set. If, on the other hand, you are not, you can correct it immediately, and activate the subscription immediately by clicking Here: This is how you can take advantage of it 30 days free membership that Amazon Prime makes available to its new users, during which you will also have the opportunity to watch all the movies, TV series and shows included in the service prime video, which includes among other things Air – Film on the development of Nike and the birth of Air Jordan, with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon – Seasons laugh out loud, Ferragnez, rings of power And a bunch of other top titles. If you are a university student, a more convenient formula is available (that principal student, about which we tell you in detail Here,

But what exactly is Prime Day?

Let’s go back a step, never mind. As mentioned, prime day it’s basically a space-time window total 48 hoursOr a little more – in the case of introductory offers, in which a few thousand flash discounts are reserved only for famous e-commerce portals that most likely also have an app on your smartphone. amazon prime member (Which is Amazon’s premium service, with free/low shipping costs and faster delivery times: the cost, after a 30-day free trial for new customers, is 4.99 Euro per month or 49.90 Euro per year). What does all this translate into? In one big party of shopping and discounts, basically, with products from every corner of Amazon, from the craziest gadgets to home essentials to everything related to the tech world of Alexa & Co. Moral: The goal would be to get rid of a lot of the fad, save on what we really need, stock up on this and that, but also give us some nice gifts this beautiful season. but be careful, because some offers will sell out very fastAnd so we have to be a) very determined and b) very organized.

How should we prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023?

First by clarifying our thoughts. And looking ahead, keeping in mind how it’s gone in recent years. We’ll probably find some of the deals Amazon releases this year on Prime Day best smartphones At discounted prices, some of which may sell out before you click “Add to Cart.” If desired, compulsive planning types can use these two days with a return in September in mind, or even as an opportunity to do some shopping for a future birthday: Evergreen sneakersA tapis roulant To train at home, a hair cutter new new one paddle racketNew crossfit shoes,

How can we, super-busy career professionals, stay on top of all the important Prime Day deals without panicking?

One trick could of course be to update the Amazon homepage for 48 hours straight until the bitter end, training thumbs, forefingers & co. But it’s not the most practical thing in the world. you can Stay up to date on Prime Day details with easeIn near real time, the following our channel and to sign up gq newsletters, Here are key tips coming during the Amazon Prime Day sale to bring you the hottest deals in tech, homeware, beauty, menswear and more, with the really tempting discounts. A huge savings in terms of work and time.

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