When is taylor swift in concert in italy?

Latest update on the topic: Taylor Swift in concert in Italy?

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if you are wondering if taylor swift will be in concert in italy soonKnow that no new dates have been announced for them at the moment Eras Tour 2023, But these days something has happened which has raised the hopes of all the dreamers. Taylor returns to Italy,

These are very excited hours for the artist’s community: in fact, there have been a series of updates from major ticket sales platforms that signal the arrival of important announcements on Taylor Swift’s concerts.

Taylor Swift in Italy in 2024?

There’s no denying it: There’s huge anticipation for Taylor Swift’s return to action in concert in Italy, a country that has been left out of all of the artist’s latest tours.

Will the same happen for the Arras Tour?

Leaving the United States on March 15, Taylor Swift’s new tour will continue – following a break from August 6 to 23 – with legs in South America currently made up of 12 dates. But as reported by the official website www.taylorswift.com, new dates are expected to be announced.

But that’s not all”Additional international dates to be announced soonMore updates to the Ticketmaster and Ticketone pages, so fans of the official site can hope! As you can see from the screenshot running on Twitter, the Ticketmaster page featured the current tour poster (it has now been removed), while Taylor’s alert is present on the Ticketmaster homepage.

Should there be any news, we will not fail to update you!

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