When is the 2021 Christmas bonus paid and how is it calculated?

When is the 2021 Christmas bonus paid and how is it calculated?

In December, the end of the year holidays arrive and companies must pay the half Annual Complementary Salary (SAC), known as Christmas bonus, to their workers. This is one more salary that is paid in two installments: the first in June and the second in December. To know how much will be charged, you have to make an account about the monthly salaries. How is it calculated?

While the SAC takes into account both the basic and the overtime hours and other bonuses that have been received, this year there were some modifications regarding the Income Tax by law that was approved during 2021.

How the bonus is calculated?

To calculate the bonus, you must take 50 percent of the highest monthly salary accrued for all concepts (basic salary, overtime and any other extra received) within the two semesters that culminate in the months of June and December of each year.

Both are calculated over the previous next 6 months, In other words, in the sixth month it is obtained based on wages from January to June, while the December bonus is calculated based on wages from July to the last month of the year.

In the case of workers who are less than one year old, the bonus is settled according to the months worked using two possible formulas. One is to divide the best salary in half, divide that amount again by six and multiply the result by the months worked. The other is to multiply the months worked by half of the best monthly salary and, to that result, divide it by six.

Regarding employees who have not worked the full semester, the bonus is calculated according to the following formula: the real time worked during the semester must be multiplied by half the best salary received and, this total, divided by six .

When is the Christmas bonus paid?

The deadline for companies to pay the Christmas bonus for December is the 18th of that month. This is an expiration date and the guidelines of art. 128 payment terms, which distinguish between expiration period and payment period, enabling for monthly and biweekly remunerations a payment period of up to 4 business days after the expiration of the term. This does not apply to the SAC, as it is an annual calculation.

However, there is a grace period of four business days, so The last legal date to be able to make the payment will be Thursday, December 23.

Monotributistas, do they charge a bonus?

Yes OK Agustin Rossi, who ran as a candidate for senator for Santa Fe, proposed in full campaign ahead of the legislative elections that the monotributistas of the lowest categories receive a bonus, the former minister did not get the necessary votes to pass the PASO and the project did not prosper.

Currently, there are no initiatives aimed at this measure and the supplementary annual salary (SAC) can be charged by the Workers in dependency relationship.

The bonus, do you pay Income Tax?

Thanks to the modification of the Income Tax Law that raised the floor from the non-taxable minimum to $ 150,000 this year, the SAC It will not be computed for the tax that is paid monthly.

Retirees, do they receive a bonus?

Yes. Retirees also have 50 percent of their best assets in the last 6 months. The collection date is also until December 18.

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