When is the best time to drink lemon verbena tea? What does it do?

have a drink infusion According to studies from around the world, it is no longer a trend but a healthy habit due to its health benefits.Among the many options, there is a Lemon Verbena Tea

The history of this healthy drink dates back at least a thousand years, as it was widely believed that: Appeared around 2737 B.C.based on the theory of Shennong of China.

For example, instead of losing its effectiveness over time, people incorporate it into their daily lives to take advantage of it. Properties as a natural remedy.

Some people enjoy tea time, but there are also those who prefer a hot drink for breakfast or some tea before bed in the evening.

Infusions have a variety of properties and can also be used as a healthy natural remedy, added to Physical activity and changes in habitssummarizing an article on the portal Harvard University.

Drinking an infusion can lead to greater relaxation on a mental level as it is a rich Antioxidants and attributes Anti-inflammatory (drug.

These properties may also help reduce the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, expanding Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

One of the things you should know is Lemon Verbena Infusiona powerful drink worth considering.

Properties of lemon verbena (a plant from Latin America)

Lemon verbena is a woody shrub with slender, bright green leaves.Lemon verbena is a woody shrub with slender, bright green leaves.

he clover or lemon verbena, is a woody shrub with slender, bright green leaves that are characterized by a strong aroma with a citrusy flavor similar to lemons. It blooms in summer with white, pink or purple flowers. of little flowers. Mexican and Latin American Architectural Digest.

Although this plant is native to mountainous areas Argentina, Chile and Perufound throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa, also known as María Luisa, Verbena de las Indias or Yerbaluisa.

What are the health benefits of lemon verbena?

Lemon verbena has properties Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant, antibacterial, sedative,.

According to these characteristics, the website Tua Saud Listed are some of its commonly indicated uses:

  • Intestinal and menstrual cramps
  • Excess intestinal gas
Some symptoms can occur with colic or excess intestinal gas.Some symptoms can occur with colic or excess intestinal gas.

Due to its properties, lemon verbena can also be used to help combat the following symptoms: stress, anxiety and depressionfor example, mainly when other medicinal plants are used, e.g. Linden or mint.

Along these lines, research published on the website National Institutes of Health (NIH) Lemon verbena shown to help Lose weight and reduce body fatbecause in addition to helping to improve intestinal flora, it also helps regulate hormone levels related to hunger and stomach fullness.

However, more research is needed to verify these benefits.

Studies show that lemon verbena can help you lose weight and reduce body fat. Photo Shutterstock.Studies show that lemon verbena can help you lose weight and reduce body fat. Photo Shutterstock.

It’s always worth clarifying that before making any food and health related decisions, It is necessary to consult a doctor Provide appropriate diagnosis and follow-up treatment.

When is the best time to drink lemon verbena tea?

According to the Architectural Digest Mexico and Latin America portal, experts recommend Drink lemon verbena tea after meals.

This means that the Council’s goal is 3 cups a dayalthough prior consultation with your doctor is recommended.

On the other hand, it is recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or people with kidney problems Avoid consuming this natural infusion.

How to Prepare Lemon Verbena Tea with Ginger and Lemon

This aromatic plant can Mix with ginger and lemonone of its many benefits is that it helps relieve symptoms of the common cold and improves digestion.

Next is the website gastric lab Recipes for preparing this infusion and taking full advantage of the properties of lemon verbena are provided:

How to Prepare Lemon Verbena, Ginger and Lemon Tea.How to Prepare Lemon Verbena, Ginger and Lemon Tea.
  • Wash lemon verbena leaves to remove any dirt and soil they may contain.
  • Meanwhile, peel the ginger and cut into slices.
  • Place the water in a small pot and heat over high heat until it begins to boil.
  • Add the ginger slices, reduce the heat to low, keep it there for 5 minutes and remove from the stove.
  • Add the lemon verbena leaves, cover the wells and let them soak.
  • Strain into a cup and add lemon and honey.
  • Stir and drink simultaneously.

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