When is Utopia coming out? The plot, cast and official release date of the album

Looking forward to the release of Travis Scott’s Utopia. The official release date for the album is July 28th. even if there are those who talk about a possible early release of the same record. In fact, a billboard in Los Angeles shows a different date – July 21st. The disc is currently available, but only on pre-order. We work in complete silence with some things that are literally top secret, it even seems that the masters are locked in a suitcase of maximum secrecy.

According to what we can read on the official merchandising website, we find that there will be five different covers, even if none of them have been shown at the moment. Among the things we can expect is a presence with Bad Bunny. This was reported by the latter, who told the Rolling Stones about the upcoming collaboration with Scott.

Utopia Travis Scott, a curious idea

The release of Travis Scott’s Utopia was filled with very specific finds. For example, even on May 15, Astros players were able to listen exclusively to the album against the Chicago Cubs at an event that was apparently closed only to them. The most long-awaited event, which should release the song to the world, will take place on July 28th. after continuous confirmations and denials of the same thing.

The artist must be present in front of the Pyramids of Giza at an extraordinary event in Egypt, world premiere concert. Tickets will not be available to everyone, in fact they will cost from 117 to 190 euros. To justify everything, there is also an unusual place where very few people in history sang like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sting, Shakira, Frank Sinatra and Mariah Carey. For those who will not be able to economically follow the event, or unfortunately will not be able to buy a ticket, everything will be broadcast live globally.

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