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It’s a shame that we were shown on television Gabriela Sabatini’s opinion about the impossibility of Juan Martin Del Potro continuing to play tennis.
“You always liked that girl,” Polotta said to Grandpa. “It’s true…. I love her game and I love that she doesn’t think she’s the best in the world in terms of ratings. Mind you, despite his accomplishments, he remains humble.”

“The reporter just remembered when he won the U.S. Open, which was his first Grand Slam title. She handled her right hand very well, and her height also helped her. It’s true that tennis is different from today, but the competition The level is very high and Gabriella does her thing in every game she plays,” he said.

She lit a cigarette and wrote: “In 1984 she was the world youth champion. I was 13 years old that year. The next year I became a professional player, and if I remember correctly, at the age of 15 I was at the French Open Playing ball. As some people said, he didn’t play badly. Note that he won the international championship in a short period of time and became third in the world during a period when competition at the international level was extremely fierce. ” I guess it’s not a little bit. “

“Moreover, there is no doubt that she is the best tennis player in Argentina, just like Guillermo Vilas is the best male tennis player,” he noted, adding: “She won several matches, But I remember the US Open Masters on September 8, 1990, beating Steffi Graff of Germany, who was ranked number one at the time. She was also the youngest player to win the Orange Bowl trophy at the age of 18… It’s a fact; it’s true; I like the way he plays… You’re right, Polotta, I like it,” he said. He had a companion who listened to some of Toto’s comments. He watched TV and made no comments. At one point they started showing Messi’s goals at different times in his career.

“What a thing… we Argentines… Messi did not play in Bolivia and he did not play in the team’s last game in the United States. In Bolivia the team won. In the northern country his team lost … Of course there are people criticizing him already… It seems like this guy can’t get hurt, he has to win everything, he has to shine in every game… Of course, they forget that he is a human being besides being a weirdo; almost A magician with the ball,” he noted.

“I just remembered something strange. Many years ago, to be more precise, on October 16, 2004, an interesting thing happened that reminded me.” He said and lit another one. Cigarettes, keeping us all waiting for what he has to say.

“It was the afternoon. The first half of the Catalan Classic between Barcelona and Espanyol was over…Barcelona’s head coach was Rijkaard. Once, he said to his assistant: “Hurry up and let that wear The little guy in the No. 30 jersey warms up. ” There were eight minutes left in the game. The coach approached the kid and told him: “Follow your opponent, but when the ball is at your feet, kick the ball and have fun. “That’s what he did: he played and had fun, entertaining the crowd with what he did. That kid was Lionel Messi, and he became the youngest player to make his debut in the Spanish league. Today Messi He has lifted countless trophies, including the Champions League, League, Club World Cup, European Super Cup, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, World Cup, South American Cup… But that’s not all, because the player from Rosario also has Very valuable personal honours: several Ballon d’Ors, several Golden Boots, I don’t remember how many “Pichichi” trophies Spain has. Everything achieved makes it the best in the world today. “A Phenomenon! ” he said with a smile.

The veteran is a great defender for Messi. “Of course, I’ve always liked Maradona as a player. Pele was also a phenomenon. Cruyff was also a spectacle and there are many more who deserve applause, but Messi, who didn’t play well, is a phenomenon, when he rubs the lamp, all the genius in the world comes out… Yeah; sometimes he gets injured and can’t play… In addition to being a magician, he’s a human being,” he said at last.

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