When Michel Cymes tackles Miss France: “It’s pathetic”


There is no dead hand …

The second confinement has started and could be longer than expected… In order not to lose sight of health during this so complicated period, the most famous doctor of the paf gives advice in the columns of the Parisian. Confined with his wife and children, Michel Cymes first recommends setting rules to live in harmony.

And everything goes there, from teleworking schedules to food and sport, through the management of the stupidities of the little ones! Michel Cymes advocates in every way to fight against a sedentary lifestyle. When he is not seated at his work table, he tells our colleagues that he is standing or on a large inflatable ball, to strengthen his abs.

He who maintains that “physical activity is the best antidepressant there is” recommends a brisk walk, one hour a day, the stationary bike, or even meditation. Ideal to get rid of “stress and fatigue of the day”! Invited on the set of C a Vous, on France 5, Michel Cymes reacted to the controversy of the large gathering of Miss France in a supermarket last Saturday.

Michel Cymes gave his point of view: “Now is not the time to do this kind of thing, it’s obvious. We keep saying ‘social distancing, even if everyone is masked’ before ‘add “It would have been better without.”