“When people compare past events, they feel depressed and hopeless”

Secretary of the Interior Carolina Tohá reported that “theAt the national level, we have 17 health centers affected”, It detailed that 11 health facilities were quarantined due to the emergency, but “They work fine.”

We got in touch at ‘what’s new’ with the Undersecretary of Public Health, Andrea Albali, Learn more about the complex panorama facing the south-central region of the country due to heavy rain.

Asked about the health problems caused by the floods, Al Baali stressed that “These events are risky, there is a loss of connectivity to drinking water and there is also an outcrop of sewage. So what the health authorities do is they inspect the land, verify the quality of the water, if there is contamination, they vaccinate against Hepatitis A, in the For care, drinking water is recommended only if it is not available. To access this service, please approach the truck that will distribute this resource in the affected areas”.

he also pointed out “Many of the people who lost their homes also lost their homes in June this year and were also impacted by the summer fires, so when people compare these events it adds an element of sadness and fear, it’s depression and hopelessness.”

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