when Roman coins were converted to the Christian religion, conference

The meeting is certainly appreciated by numismatist experts, but open to anyone who wants to know more about the relationship between Roman coins and the new Christian religion empire. We’ll talk about it tonight at Archaeological City Museum of Anzioon the way to Villa Adele at 21.30 as part of cultural review Ways dedicated on this occasion to the topic “Coins and religiosity in Rome between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries“, edited by Prof. Lucia Travainiprofessor of numismatics at the University of Milan.

Roman coins are closely linked to the history of the eternal city, and in Anzio you can hear about them at an event at the Archaeological Museum.

The history of coins, as you might guess, is closely connected with the most significant events experienced by the peoples who minted them and used them for their purchases. back in the period of ancient Romewhen the transition of emperors to the Christian religion began replace sacred images with images of the most famous and victorious leaders who made the eternal city great.

But the important traces left by these coins would not have survived so well if the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries did not master the antique trade and therefore begin to collect at least the most valuable specimens.

And now the stories of merchants, scientists, writers and collectors have come down to us. was interested in antiquity and the emergence of a new system from a social and economic point of view.

coins as powerful symbols of power and ancient beauty but which also become a story about the men and women who lived in those periods. Hence the emergence of areas of research, as well as the interpretation, comparison and study of coinage belonging to different eras.

There history of numismatics so I owe a lot letters, manuscripts, reserves, price lists, drawings, printouts and documentswhich, through the voices of the protagonists, restore the image of everyday life, which was also carried on in the world of antiquarians.

They let you look around the stores jewelers AND junk dealerson the benches merchantson the squares, in the office of experts, in epistolary relations with the highest figures of the courts, in the desire of scientists to improve knowledge about antiquity. Needless to add, a privileged vantage point for observing this archaic world Rome, a city teeming with antiquarian humanity in constant activity.

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