When the power of music is stronger than any difficulty

a good life is a film that addresses the subject of loss through music. Elliot, played by actor and musician Christopher, is a young fisherman who literally has music in his blood. In fact, he has inherited this passion from his parents, who died an untimely and tragic death.

The story of the film develops in just two hours and tells what kind of agony it can turn into if one comes out of it stronger than before. in Additionally To be who one wants to be, to fulfill one’s destiny.

When you meet the right people, you are talented, you are not afraid to show yourself for what you are, satisfaction comes. And this happens both professionally and personally. This film made in Denmark tells something about it American Dream To emerge, but with the humility and spirit typical of the Nordic countries.


A Beautiful Life – All Details

movie a beautiful life


A Beautiful Life is a film that is not only about music, but also about emotions and traumas. Elliot (Christopher) is a young man who works as a fisherman to earn his living. Left orphaned as a child, lives in his parents’ boat and develops a passion for music. His skills as a musician and performer are discovered by chance, one evening when he accompanies his best friend on guitar who wants to impress some record producers.

However, it is not Oliver (Sebastian Jason) to attack, but only boy next door, One who does not consider a career in music as a serious prospect, but who has the talent to shine even in the dark. Suzanne (Christine Elbæk Borge), her daughter Lili (Inga Ibsdotter Lilias) and Patrick (Ardalen Esmaili) will believe in him before anyone else.


  • Direction: Mahdi Awaz
  • mold: Christopher, Inga Ibsdotter Lilias, Christine Elbeck Borge, Ardalen Esmaili, Sebastian Jessen, Pau Henriksen, Jonathan Harbaugh, Jefferson Bond, Marie Eschehave, Johan Wohlert
  • Type: musical, sentimental, dramatic
  • Duration: about 100 minutes
  • Production: Denmark, 2023
  • Distribution: Netflix
  • release date: 1 June 2023


A Beautiful Life Makes Pain Stronger (Almost Always)

The desire for liberation, the anguish of a stolen childhood, genius: these are the components that unite the main characters of A Beautiful Life. Christopher The protagonist is a boy who has suffered life’s greatest blow: he lost his parents under tragic circumstances.

Lily She is an angry and frustrated girl, obviously a cocky girl, but there is something in her that they cannot even imagine. In fact, it’s not just the musician-producer bond that keeps them together: There’s a lot more.

the suffering This is one of the core elements of the film, as well as the courage to leave behind one’s past to welcome the beauty of life without love and fear. In fact, Lily also lost her father (a musician) in childhood and blames her mother for his suicide. In fact, following all the events that unfold to the wounded souls of the protagonists, it turns out that there is something untold, deeper and more complex.

Danish version of A Star Is Born?

resemblance to the masterpiece of Bradley Cooper, director and actor, is almost essential. Indeed, A Beautiful Life is reminiscent of A Star Is Born, with an unforgettable and talented Lady Gaga (who confirms herself as an excellent singer, but also turns out to be an excellent actress). Here it is not a love story between a famous rock star and a waitress with an extraordinary voice that charms the audience, but a love story between a young musician and a talented record producer. However, the difficulty of managing success and the fear of being overwhelmed by it is something that unites both films.

There unbridled fury The performances of two actors like Cooper and Lady Gaga can’t even be remotely compared to the performances of Christopher and Lillias, but the genuineness, humility and sweetness that emerges in their every joke, every action, every look, is commendable. The Nordic atmosphere of the film may seem punitive at first glance, but in fact it may represent added value for those who appreciate Danish style.

Beauty rises from ashes in a beautiful life

I am multiple strokes Which the protagonist has to deal with on many levels. Jealousy, fear of success, loneliness, and fear of being hurt again by life’s ups and downs are feelings that emerge almost immediately. Morality is to have the courage not to give up, to trust those who show that they love us, to follow our dreams and to be happy.

And finally, with the A Beautiful Life soundtrack song of the same name, we understand how much strength lies in a wounded soul Among those who have weathered the adversities of life and finally decided to be the makers of their own destiny, have staked themselves, questioned and accepted the beauty of the future and left behind all rot and suffering.


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