When will Batman 2, the movie with Robert Pattinson come out?

After the overwhelming success of the public and critics Batman It’s time to find out when the second chapter of the film with Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, directed by Matt Reeves, will be released.

theoretically at this point we have Batman 2 release date set: October 3, 2025. All is well, you will say. We say no, because the date might not be so definite due to the writers and actors strike.

In fact On paper Batman 2 was supposed to start filming on November 23, 2023But now it is practically certain that the film will be delayed due to the massive strike going on in the United States. The film’s production has already been pushed back to 2024, due to the extent of the strike already being understood and the fact that it will not be something that can be resolved in a short amount of time.

So the release date might get pushed, probably because of how much production has gone down. If it starts in early 2024 then a few months (according to some rumors it might start in March) or even more if the strike continues and everything is still postponed. so it’s not impossible to imagine The Batman 2 release also for 2026But the situation is so volatile that literally at any moment everything can change.

However, direction has always been entrusted to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson who will return as Bruce Wayne, with Zoe Kravitz also confirmed as Catwoman. But persistent rumors want Josh Hartnett or Joel Edgerton in the role of Two-Face. and we always have Barry Keoghan’s Joker is set to make his official debut in The Batman 2,

And when do you think the film will release? Will we see it in 2025? Tell us yours in the comments!

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