When will Stranger Things 5 ​​be released? Plot, cast and official release date

Viewers can’t wait to see Stranger Things 5. The series will be broadcast exclusively, like the previous ones, on Netflix and will attract great attention from a diverse audience. Currently there are rumors that we will have to wait until the end of 2024. To see it, it must be carefully pointed out that filming for the season only began a month ago and that, in addition to the time it takes, it will still require a lot of post-production time, given the special effects that were part of the television. the series itself from the very beginning.

Last fall, David Harbor spoke out, telling GQ: “I think we’ll be filming next year, they’re finishing writing and we need to get ready.”. On November 6 last year, Stranger Things Day, an interesting spoiler appeared, and that was the title of the first episode of the next season, which will be “Crawling”, from that moment on, many comments appeared on social networks in which the public expressed their opinion, eager to make a lot of hypotheses about this.

“Stranger Things 5”: plot and cast

Taking into account plot of “Stranger Things 5” The Duffers spoke up and wanted to emphasize that everything had already been thought out in advance. According to ComingSoon, they clarified: “During the six-month hiatus, we mapped out season five and pitched it to Netflix. To everyone who was there when we first presented the series in 2015. If we were strangers, we are now friends, and many tears were shed when it was all over.”

We don’t know if we’ll still find Sadie Sink (Max) in the cast. who survived the battle with Vecna, but remained in a coma. We’re also unlikely to see Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie, who died in season four. Instead, in the end Millie Bobby Brown’s character (Eleven) was saved beyond any possible catastrophic hypothesis. We’ll see again next season also includes Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Fin Wolfhard and many others. However, we don’t know if there will be any new entries.

There is also talk of spin-offs

If Stranger Things 5 ​​is the final episode of the saga, there will likely be one or more spin-offs. also able to expand purpose and expand merchandising. The public, however, is afraid because in such cases they think that something very interesting can quickly become forced and without a reason to continue. We will only know after the next episodes are already scheduled.

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