when will the new season come out?

As the end of the Dread Factor approaches, Rainbow Six Siege players are starting to get a feel for what’s to come in the next few weeks. Tuesday, August 29 could be a good day for Operation Heavy Courage. Season 3 of Year 8 is about to bring a breath of fresh air to the game.

Rainbow Six: here is the new operator

Operation Heavy Mettle is operated by Ram. This is an Attacker with one speed and three health pools from South Korea. The operator will be presented in the game as an alternative to Baku and Sany. Its four BU-GI Auto Breachers have huge breakout potential and will make vertical play easier. Almost completely bulletproof gadget (can be destroyed by a shot from behind, ed), but not explosives: C4 and impact grenades will destroy the BU-GI.. However, in terms of equipment, Ram is likely to be one of the best operatives in the game. Her loadout includes Ash’s R4C (with 1.5x and 2.0x scopes) and Zofia’s LMG. In addition, he will have access to Jackal, Mira, and Frost’s ITA 12S shotguns as secondary weapons. Read more at EsportsMag.

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