When will Trolls 3 be released in Italy? Cast and story preview

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When will Trolls 3 be released in Italy? An animated film dedicated to the Trolls puppets will be released this fall, and its appearance in all cinemas is eagerly awaited.

This is the third chapter in the franchise, which has enjoyed significant success and received positive reviews from the public.

The first two troll movies were released in 2016 and 2020 respectively. The world is gearing up for more anticipation for the 2023 movie.

Among the various accolades for the other members of the trilogy is a Best Song nomination at the 89th Academy Awards.

Here is all the news about Trolls 3.

When will Trolls 3 be released in Italy? Date of issue

Trolls 3 – All together, Hasbro’s third Trolls doll movie is getting closer and closer to being released. In particular, the film with the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in the original version can be viewed in the cinema on October 31, 2023as expected October 31, 2021.

However, the film is also expected to hit major streaming platforms in a few months. Viewers will be able to more comfortably relive (or relive) the story from the comfort of their homes.

On the other hand, the first two films in the franchise were released in 2016 and 2020, respectively, and received so much critical and public acclaim that Can’t stop feeling! From Justin Timberlake received an Oscar nomination.

Trolls 3 cast

Among the voice actors of the new chapter of the troll saga, let’s see Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy and BranchWith Camila Cabello, Eric Andre, Troy Sivan, Kid Cudi, David Diggs, RuPaul, Amy Schumer, Andrew Rannells AND Zosia Mamet.

In particular, Camila Cabello is Viva, Eric Andre is John Dory, Troye Sivan plays Floyd, Kid Cudi is Clay, David Diggs is Spruce, RuPaul is Miss Maxine, while Amy Schumer voices Velvet, Andrew Rannells is Veneera, and Zosia Mamet is Veneera. . Other roles are played by Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Icon Pop, Anderson Paak, Ron Funches, Kenan Thompson, Kunal Nayyar, Walt Dohrn.

Same director Walt Dohrnproducer Gina Shay, director Tim Heitz.

Trolls 3 plot advances

Trolls 3 is a family story. it’s a reunited family story: The trailer essentially shows Poppy and Branch on a mission to recruit the protagonist’s brothers, who were once members of the famous boy band BroZone.

The latter broke up when the protagonist was still a child: this moment was marked by a dramatic moment as the whole family fell apart and the protagonist never saw his brothers again.

As the film’s official synopsis explains:

“After two films about real friendship and constant flirting, Poppy and Branch are finally officially a couple (#broppy)! As they grow closer and closer, Poppy discovers that Branch has a secret past.

He was part of his favorite boy band BroZone along with his four brothers: Floyd, John Dory, Spruce and Clay. BroZone disbanded when Branch was still a child, like his family, and Branch has not seen his brothers since.

But when Branch’s brother Floyd is kidnapped because of his musical talent, a pair of evil pop stars – Velvet and Veneer – Branch and Poppy embark on an extraordinary and emotional journey to reunite the other siblings and save Floyd from an even worse fate. pop culture.

Trolls 3 trailer

Trailer for this final chapter of the Trolls it was released in March 2023 and revealed the main coordinates of the story told in this sequel.

The main characters finally couple and visit friends wedding. All is going well until a blue troll named John Dory claims to be Branch’s missing brother. Thus begins the journey of the protagonist, who follows his origin and his family.

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