‘Where are you, my heart?’: This is how Shakira celebrates the 25th birthday of her “first great success”

How many times have you not sung the singles of “Pies Descalzos”? The album that made the Colombian triumph

This week comes to mark a very special milestone in Shakira’s career since 25 years ago her famous album ‘Pies descalzos’ was released. It was the third published by a very young singer, who at that time wore black hair and an image very different from the current one, but it was the first to achieve great commercial recognition thanks to the single ‘Where are your heart?’.

The previous two – ‘Magic’ and ‘Danger’ – had passed without pain or glory and today they are out of print, so they are almost impossible to find. However, the singles on this album are still some of the favorites of their fans for their lyrics in Spanish, which speak both heartbreak and toxic relationships, the hypocrisy of society in their native country, or abortion.

“Raise your hand if you have cried with this song!”, She has asked her Instagram followers referring to the single ‘Antología’.

The Colombian has also encouraged them to share their memories of their favorite songs and has announced a capsule collection of merchandising to commemorate such a special date.

“Shakira’s album, Pies Descalzos, turns 25 today! We are going to celebrate it throughout the day ”, she stated.