Where did Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick end up in the Arab League?

It has become common for some time that when there is a free kick near the penalty area, fans will whip out their phones in the hope of filming a great goal and then posting it on social networks.

That’s why, faced with Al-Nassr’s dangerous situation, cristiano ronaldoAfter the game, fans whipped out their phones to film a potential goal. However, what they ended up capturing was a horrific mistake as the ball didn’t go into the goal but hit the photographer behind him.

Anxious to do his job, he kept looking at the camera so as not to lose anything in the lens. Still, he couldn’t see the CR7’s shots coming in his direction. So much so that he was hit so hard on the head that even the people in the stands saw the blow.

As far as this game is concerned, although he failed to take a free kick, cristiano ronaldo In the sixth round of the league last Saturday, he scored Al Nasr’s third goal against Al Raad, helping the team win 3-1. arab league.

Currently, in the first round of matches, the Portuguese team ranks sixth in the standings with 12 points, followed by Al Hilal with 16 points, which also has great figures such as Koulibaly, Bono and Neymar.

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