Where did these VIPs live before they became famous: you will be speechless

We wondered where the VIPs lived before they achieved international success, what kind of houses they had, and what neighborhoods they lived in.

When you think of a VIP home, you always expect to see luxury villas, castles, modern lofts, homes full of art, and extravagant or historic buildings. However, these personalities, before becoming celebrities, lived in different houses. We wondered where they lived before they were successful..

Many characters in the series were already rich thanks to their parents and ancestors, while others built their lives and success on their own. There are those who prefer to remain discreet and those who, on the other hand, love to flaunt luxury and a life of excess. However, today we are interested know where they lived before they became international VIPsknown and adored all over the world.

Homes of VIPs before they became famous

Let’s immediately go see where the queen of pop lived, material girl: Madonna. Now he owns luxury homes in London, Hollywood and also in Lisbon so he doesn’t miss anything. However, his original home was quite ordinary. He lived in Rochester Hill, i.e. a suburb of Detroit. The singer was born in Bay City, Michigan and moved into a renovated home after it was completely destroyed by fire.

original VIP houses

Some American stars lived in Detroit before their success – designmag.it

After watching the film 8 mile and be carried away by the song Lose yourselfwe know the life of a rapper Slim Shady, Eminemnot everything was so rosy. He lived in Detroit, in a wooden house.located in an almost deserted areabetween hardship and poverty. His childhood home was supposed to be a museum, but burned down in a fire. However, after a difficult existence, Eminem managed to get back on his feet by buying a mansion in Michigan, in Clinton Township.

Even the American singer Kanye West he did not spend his childhood in unbridled luxury, or even in the well-being that we consider normal. He lived in a modest frame house in Chicago., where several works have been carried out and are now completely renovated. To date, Kanye West owns a $57 million villa in Malibu, an area made up entirely of VIPs and people living in luxury. Moreover, the singer has a ranch in Wyoming.

From Queen of Pop to King of Pop: Michael Jackson. As we well know, he grew up in a large family, with eight siblings and two rooms in a tiny house in Illinois., in Gary, near Chicago. Having achieved success, he managed to build a magnificent villa, on the territory of which the Neverland theme park is located. It was abandoned in 2005 and revived in 2008 by Colony Capital due to the singer’s financial problems. In 2009, after the death of Michael Jackson, the park was put up for sale and bought only in 2020.

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