Where does the sound “Oh my God, I love this question! I think”?

But where does “Oh my God, I like this question!” I think….” You never expected who said it!

This has gone super viral in the last few days. very special sound, which is used by several Italian and foreign tiktokers. It’s about a woman’s voice saying:Oh my god, how I love this question! I think…“. Who had to say these words in such an elevated and happy tone? Let’s find out together!

You will never believe it, but the main character of this audio is the one we have talked about so often this summer. Indeed, we can say that she is the queen of the summer series! It’s actually Lola Tungour Stomach from the TV seriesSummer in your eyes!

Audio was taken from cast interview. The question to which Lola these responses were:What era of Taylor Swift is your character in?“. Tung was so happy because she is a big fan of the singer and most of all she likes every song of hers. So what’s the answer? The actress answered. that Belly might be in the album era folklorebecause he is in a period of his life when he has to reflect on his life and make important decisions!

And you expected it to be ours Lola pronounce the words of TikTok’s viral audio? Let us know!

(Photo: TikTok)

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