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Where is your friendship with Jessica Mulroney?

During her time as an actress Meghan Markle he met a person who over time would become a fundamental pillar in his life: Jessica mulroney. The stylist started out as his stylistic advisor and later became one of his confidants. Their relationship continued to be very close when she stopped being one of the protagonists of Suits to be a senior member of the British Royal Family for her engagement to Prince Harry. In fact, she continued to ask her friend for advice on the look with which to conquer in some of her most relevant and historical appearances and even chose her as a bridesmaid for her marriage. That friendship, however, was put in the spotlight by a controversy with racist overtones after which nothing has been the same between them, at least publicly. Did that scandal mark a turning point between them or, on the contrary, has their complicity not been affected?

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The distance that currently exists between the Duchess of Sussex and the daughter-in-law of Brian Mulrone, the former Prime Minister of Canada, is solely physical. This is how a column of the Daily Mail in which sources close to the friends maintain that “Meghan is in regular contact with Jessica” but that the former lives in California – she has a house in Montecito – while the latter has her fixed residence in Toronto. In addition, they explain that the fact that the stylist no longer makes comments on her networks defending the daughter-in-law of Carlos de Inglaterra as she has done on previous occasions does not mean that she does not continue to support her privately. This behavior could be in line with Archie and Lilibet Diana’s mother’s desire to keep her life out of the media spotlight now that she and her husband are no longer under the umbrella of the British crown.

A controversy that has not affected their relationship

Despite the thousands of kilometers that separate them, it seems that the confidences between Meghan and Jessica are maintained and continue to be able to count on each other. Their friendship has not been affected by the turbulent controversy that a year ago the intimate of the Duchess starred. In full anti-racist claim, the former presenter of the Canadian reality show I Do, Redo had a discussion with African American lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter that revolved around the social justice movement Black Lives Matter, Black lives matter. The stylist herself publicly acknowledged her mistake, apologized and even made reference to the experience of Prince Harry’s wife for living closely with her “an experience where race was at the center.”


Racism is precisely one of the issues that has brought the Dukes of Sussex back to the center of the bullseye. In March they spoke for the first time about their experience as British royalty for the Oprah Winfrey Show, where explained that when she was pregnant with Archie a member of the Windsors made some unfortunate comments about what his skin color would be like as a child. This declaration was a real tsunami in the United Kingdom that reawakens with the update of the marriage biography. Not surprisingly, in the foreword to this book that will be published on August 31, they state that their intention was to “share this detail” in their interview with CBS. Finally Meghan discarded the idea, considering that revealing that identity would be “very harmful to them.”

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