where the bans come from and what will be allowed next

OnlyFans will ban users from uploading “sexually explicit behavior” photos and videos starting October 1st.

Although the company will block posts with sexual acts, nudity is still allowed, as long as the creators follow the OnlyFans usage policy. The changes came as a result of pressure from payment providers and banking providers, according to Bloomberg.

Why OnlyFans prohibits explicit content

“To ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform and to further host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we need to develop our content guidelines,” OnlyFans told Engadget in a statement.

The company will share more details about this move in the coming days and promised to “actively support and guide our creators through this change in content guidelines.” Implementing the new policy will likely be difficult, although all uploads to OnlyFans are checked by human moderators, according to the company.

OnlyFans allows over two million creators to share content exclusively with their paid subscribers. Many of the top creators on the platform, which has 130 million users, sell nude or sexually explicit photos and videos. Many sex workers have relied on site income in recent years, especially as the pandemic has grown and it has been more difficult for them to make a living elsewhere or in other ways.

Patreon similarly allows creators to share explicit nude images with their paid subscribers. However, it does not allow “pornographic materials or sexual services.”

Earlier this year, OnlyFans quietly launched a mobile and TV app that offers fitness, cooking lessons, comedy, music and other content from its creators, but zero nudity. This week, the company began a promotional push for OFTV, highlighting its move to a more “sanitized” future.


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