Where to place chrysanthemums to attract good luck and happiness? 5 Places (and 2 Tips) According to Feng Shui

Luck can appear at any time.Some people think this is a the mysterious power of predestination; Others believe that luck comes over a long process. work and perseverance. However, according to some philosophies and cultures, luck can be attracted through rituals and specific objects that can remove bad energy, Attract wealth and promote harmony in the lives of those who know (and practice) them.

Some people choose lucky charms; place Many people find gemstones under their pillows basic ingredients Like bay leaf, cinnamon or basil, wealth, and the most superstitious people, seek The best corner of your home place mirrors and Prevent bad luck from happening Their lives.

10 rituals you can do at home to bring good luck


Feng Shui also knows about plants that attract luck and Family Harmony, like mother-in-law’s tongue.But one of them is particularly worth mentioning: This philosophy is the most sacred.its about chrysanthemumits name comes from the Greek and gives us an idea of ​​the power of this plant as it is called “Golden Flower”. What does the chrysanthemum symbolize? Feng Shui says where and how it should be placed to attract its magic? Read on to find out.

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