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Which ASRock motherboards are compatible with Windows 11 and how to activate TPM?

ASRock also delighted motherboard owners looking to upgrade to Windows 11. First, it provided a list of compatible models in which TPM support can be activated. But it should be remembered that not all processors for these models meet the requirements of Microsoft. Here are the links to the official list of Windows 11 compatible chips from AMD and Intel.

ASRock Compatible Motherboard List is as follows:

Secondly, the company showed the way to activate TPM 2.0 at the BIOS level, because you don’t have to buy a hardware module to install Windows 11. On Intel motherboards, go to the Security section, find and activate the “Intel® Platform Trust Technology” item.

On AMD boards, go to the “Advanced” section and then go to “CPU Configuration”. In it, you will see the “AMD TPM switch” parameter, which must be switched to the “AMD CPU TPM” mode. After that, in both cases, you must save the changes made.

You can check the activation of TPM 2.0 in the Windows environment using the “Run” menu (keyboard shortcut Win + R). In it, you must enter “TPM.MSC” and press Enter. If you did everything correctly, you will see the TPM Management on the Local Computer window with the TPM version.

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