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Which cryptocurrency has the most options to storm the throne of Bitcoin and Etherum | Technology

The virtual currency market is booming and everyone wants to be the new unicorn that hits the ball, are there real options to become a millionaire with a new currency? It’s possible.

Since the first cryptocurrencies appeared, the fight has been less fought for the first place, which has been holding Bitcoin for many years, followed by Ethereum but at a reasonable distance.

The interest in these virtual currencies is logical, since anyone with luck or a little savvy can put in a good amount of money and triple it in a few weeks if fortune smiles on you. And that’s at least, since some cryptocurrencies see their values ​​multiply by up to 10.

For this reason, miners and investors desperately search the market to bet on a currency that no one knows but has potential. This will give you minimum investment, maximum benefit and little risk.

And among all the cryptocurrencies that stand out today we have to focus on Cardano, the one that really seems to hold the key to success.

And it is that the Cardano platform could become the most valuable of the cryptocurrencies with its virtual currency ADA, since During this 2021 it has seen its value shoot up by 1,000% and it keeps going up.

At the end of August, Cardano’s price rose again by 19%, then outpacing Binance and placing itself in third position of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market, according to reports.

Your secret? Be sustainable When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company would stop accepting payments in Bitcoin as it was highly polluting, cryptocurrencies suffered a serious setback. All except ADA, which survived thanks to its blockchain protocol that is based on a proof of stake and not of work.

The underlying technology of the platform refers to the fact that it does not depend on mining computers to process transactions and generate new ADA units, but rather assesses the percentage of coins you own in miner and not the processing power you have.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, estimated that its network used less than 0.01% of the energy required by the Bitcoin network.

From many fronts they place Cardano and its ADA currency as the great promise of cryptocurrencies during this decade, thanks to its green consciousness and its innovative approach.

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