which ones to use to open the look


  1. Choice shadows from the impending century must be able to achieve eye makeup that opens the eyes.
  2. Thus, eyes they will be at the forefront, less closed off than usual.
  3. Obviously the choice subsequence and gods colors this is extremely important.
  4. So is the type application which should be flawless, but also easy.
  5. Hands and fingers they will be indispensable weapons for creating good make-up with drooping eyelids.

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Credits: Photo Unsplash | Michael Gresset

To deceive closed eyesthose. closed eyeswe resort to a thousand strategies. You try them all. And once you find the right path, you will never give up on it. Experiment correctly, also to become familiar with the type best makeup reach if you have drooping eyelidor eyelid ptosis.

So how to succeed open your eyes? In addition to a number of general tools that we briefly list, it is important to create perfect makeup. And that’s why you need them shadows from the impending century, those that will definitely help us in our small business. Are you ready to meet them? Then get out of your post!


To be able to make up eyes with impending eyelids is not such a titanic undertaking. Makeup artists deal with people, including celebrities, who have closed eyes. Therefore, the creation of a special make-up is on the agenda.

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Credits: @gigihadid via Instagram. Gigi Hadid has her eyes closed as you can see in the photo.

How to make a hanging eyelid? Prefers blended makeup to the crease of the eye. Instead, avoid edgy styles like cat-eye ponytails that draw attention to drooping eyelids.

Rather better dare with reverse cat eye or otherwise focus on lower edge of the eyes.

I prefer neutral eye shadow to hide the drooping eyelid.

On the front colorundoubtedly the best for paint drooping eyelids they are neutral. Brown, taupe, beige, as well as pink shades such as mauve and mauve will help us to create an excellent makeup.

What kind of shadows for saggy eyelids prefer? Concerning sequencesit is always recommended to bet on those in dust. In this case, there are many Eyeshadow Palette they play our game.

However, you can try to create makeup with stick and cream eyeshadow. Instead, avoid liquids, which tend to be harder to work with and can make sketching difficult.

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Credits: @valebrahi via Instagram. Makeup example for inspiration

Finishing is another important factor. Matte or shimmery? The first is, of course, optimal for compose impending eyelid corrector. However, no one says that we should completely abandon shimmery and shiny shadows.


Now it remains only to find out which products not to be missed among new makeup 2023 and not only.

Of course, eyeshadow palettes are versatile, perfect for creating morning and evening eye makeup and also for ceremonies.

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ClioMakeUp, a palette of velvety matte and shimmery BeautyLove eyeshadows. Price: €57.50 at cliomakeupshop.com.

That’s when we can choose a beautiful and well-stocked Palette BeautyLove ClioMakeUpwith opaque and shimmery shades, to create an amazing make-up, but above all, ideal for those with droopy eyelids.

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Natasha Denona, Mini Bronze is a miniature travel eyeshadow palette. Price: 28 euros at sephora.it *

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Huda Beauty Matte Obsessions is a warm eyeshadow palette. Price: 33.50 euros at sephora.it *

Do not miss compact palettesHow mini from Natasha Denonacharacterized by super warm tones, as well as the Warm a series Matte Obsessions by Huda Beauty.

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Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mini Clutch – Eye Palette. Price: €70.50 at sephora.it *

It’s great too Couture by Yves Saint Laurentwhich offers both hot and cold options to choose from depending on the complexion.

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Tarte, Tartelette™ Fresh Picked Amazonian Clay Palette – Eye shadow palette. Price: 25 euros at sephora.it *

It’s much brighter Tart paletteconsisting of six light and dark eyeshadows with cold and warm undertones that can be mixed and changed at any time.

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ClioMakeUp, Taboo SweetieLove Creamy Long Lasting Eye Shadow. Price: €14.50 at cliomakeupshop.com.

What if we don’t want to buy a palette, but prefer cream eyeshadows for sagging eyelids? One of the best is definitely the cream color which is best worn all day long. In this case, we recommend SweetieLove ClioMakeup in version Tabooreal passport.

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Nudestix, Soft Nude Eyes is a mini duo of creamy sticks. Price: 25 euros at sephora.it *

Alternatively, there is also me Nudestix eyelinerssold in sets, to create a beautiful, glamorous and easy eye makeup for drooping eyelids.

*Discount code CLIO20 for the ClioMakeUp community. Offer valid on sephora.it and Sephora app only from April 4th to December 31st, 2023. 20% off €49 when you enter the code CLIO20 in your shopping cart. Offer cannot be combined with valid discount vouchers. Offer valid for Click&Collect delivery. Some brands may be excluded. For detailed information and conditions, please visit the sephora.it website on this page: https://faq.sephora.it/s/article/L-offer-%C3%A8-valida-su-tutti-i-prodotti

Girls, we are not done yet, because on page 2 we will give you more makeup tips, not only with eye shadow, but also for saggy eyelids. Keep reading the post!

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