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“White Lines” is a Spanish series for Netflix, written by Álex Pina, The creator of “House of Paper” and produced by him together with Cristina Lopez Ferrás. The fiction of 10 episodes follow Zoe Walker, a british woman who travels to Ibiza after the appearance of a body that could be your brother, a legendary DJ from Manchester, disappeared 20 years ago on that same island.

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To discover the truth about what happened with his brother Zoe begins to investigate the past of Alex and to talk with his old friends and partners. Her search will lead them to a world of nightclubs and lies that will force her to confront her own dark side in a place where people live to the limit, doing things that he never thought he would discover the whole truth.

Directed by Nick Hamm, Luis Prieto and Ashley Way, “White Lines” has as its protagonists Laura Haddock, Juan Diego Botto, Marta Milans, Daniel Mays, Nuno Lopes, Pedro Casablanc and Angela Griffin, among others. But, where do you see these actors before they were part of the first season of the fiction Netflix?

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Laura Jane Haddock is an English actress known for having played Lucrezia Donati in the series “Da Vinci’s Demons”. But his career began in 2008 when she joined the cast of “Honest”, where she played Kacie Carter until the end of the show.

In 2009, he was part of “Monday Monday”, where he gave life to Natasha Wright. Two years later, he received a small role in the film “Captain America: the first avenger”, and in 2014 returned to be part of the world Marvel, in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, where she played Meredith Quill.

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Before playing the younger version of Zoe Walker “White Lines”, India Fowler was Ellen Mason in “Safe”, an original series of Netflix based on a novel by Harlan Coben.

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India Fowler plays the younger version of Zoe Walker in “White Lines” (Photo: Netflix)
India Fowler plays the younger version of Zoe Walker in “White Lines” (Photo: Netflix)


Tom Rhys Harries he has had a leading role in the criminal drama of “ITV Unforgotten”, “15 Days” of Channel 5 and “Britannia” of Sky Atlantic. In addition, at the beginning of 2020 was part of the movie gangsters of Guy Ritchie, “The Gentlemen.”

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Daniel Alan Mays is a british actor, known for his numerous roles in film and television, as in “Red Riding” and “Born to Kill” Channel 4, “Ashes to Ashes” and “White Girl”. Also played Arthur Young in “Good Omens” and Star Wars fans may recognize him as an informant rebel “Rogue One”.


Spellman was part of several children’s programmes on CBBC, and recently, she landed roles most adults in the mini-series “Cucumber” Russell T. Davies, “Cold Feet” of ITV, where he gave life to Mathew Williams, and the drama of war of BBC One’s “World on Fire”, where he plays Joe Broughton.

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Angela Griffin he began his acting career playing Fiona Middleton in “Coronation Street”. Then, she starred in the drama of high school “Waterloo Road”, comedy of Sky, was Shelley in the series of 2012, “Mount Pleasant”, Lizzie Maddox in the series of detective “Lewis”. Among his most recent projects are, “Brief Encounters”, “Ordinary Lies”, “The murders in Midsomer,” and “Wild Bill”.


Before playing the younger version of Anna in “White Lines”, Kassius Nelson he gave life to Jade Albright in the series “Hollyoaks” on Channel 4, his character died of cancer on an episode of 2016. After that he appeared in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, a fiction of Netflix, and has achieved a role in the next film by Edgar Wright, “Last Night in Soho”.

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  • Episode 1. After the discovery of a corpse which could be that of his brother, Zoe Walker is heading to Ibiza, where he contacts his old friend Marcus, who is a DJ and drug dealer.
  • Episode 2. After the funeral of Axel, Zoe, frustrated, makes a move to force Marcus to tell the truth. Kika returns home after the death of a loved one, Andreu.
  • Episode 3. Zoe and Boxer have problems with the police, but their actions cause even more trouble for Marcus. Oriol wants to conclude the matter of the murder of Axel.
  • Episode 4. The ambush of Oriol against Christopher rekindles the tensions between the families Calafat and Martinez. Someone unexpected visit to Zoe in Ibiza.
  • Episode 5. Revelations and painful a wound brutal create fractures in the family Calafat. The emotional state of Zoe leads her to make impulsive decisions.
  • Episode 6. Zoe learns of the darker side of Axel, and then helps Marcus with a complicated situation. In a contentious council meeting, Andreu makes a major announcement.
  • Episode 7. The tension in the marriage of Zoe intensifies. When David held a dinner for assembling the team, arise old antagonisms that lead Marcus to the limit.
  • Episode 8. The attempts of Oriol to achieve a better communication with your family lead to more honesty than expected. Zoe embarks on another frantic search.
  • Episode 9. The trial day comes Zoe. David is confronted with a problem in your attempt to help Oriol with psychedelia. The research tactics of Clint crossed a line.
  • Episode 10. At the wedding of Anna, the actions of Marcus haunt him. After suffering a new loss, Zoe promises to finally discover who killed Axel.


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