“White Lotus 1”: the restoration of guilt

On Now White lotus 1 the first season of the acclaimed anthology series Mike White. Produced by Pallogram, The District and Rip Cord Productions for HBO Televisionboasts a first-class cast. Sydney Sweeney, Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Alexandra Daddario AND Jennifer Coolidge.

TRAILER – White lotus 1

White lotus 1 : Holidays that work

Format miniseries it is a real field in which seriality can constantly develop as it pleases. It’s the prerogative of a six to eight episode scheme, compressed time to be able to do what you want without fear of too much broth filling, but also the risk of you having little time to develop. story or characters. The miniseries follows this pattern HBO, White lotus 1for accumulating prizes at the upcoming Emmy Awards with Season 2,

And, as is the case with many successful limited series, it is destined to become a regular series. “White Lotus” in its first season is already very interesting for its plot. Wealthy vacationers, focused on two dysfunctional families in their own way, contrasted with the fake smiles of the Hawaiian resort staff, led by director Armond. Right from the start, the newlywed Shane will face his nemesis, the director of the White Lotus, who is guilty of making a mistake in booking a room reserved for couples.

Multiple contrasts

This will cause a short circuit in the relationship to reveal problems with rachel, that she will soon realize that she doesn’t want to be a trophy wife and that she really wants to be independent. Other main characters instead of family mossbacher, which represents the prototype of the American upper-class family, nicole, mother, control freak, money freak CFO, diehard Clinton fan. Nicole has the worst fights with her daughter Olivia. The latter seems to be kind of acting out and believes she is a rebellious and alternate daughter. He hates everything that his family represents, but at the same time, he cannot live without comfort. So she takes her best friend with her Paula with which at the beginning there seems to be an attraction that can lead to a lesbian relationship, but this is only a sketch to reveal the problems between the two friends. In between, the two men in the house, the good-natured hypochondriacal husband and the troubled, friendless son, are glued to their video games.

Mystery and class struggle

Presentation structure directly related to the topic class struggle the entire series. Comparisons with would be exaggerated parasites, but it is obvious that this hatred of employees for the splendor and arrogance of wealthy clients, on duty between desires, illusory phases and revenge, is obvious from the very beginning. How it goes with the spa manager character Belinda. Seduced by the complicated and lonely Tanya to be able to invest in his own independent project and then ruin everything for a client he met at the resort.

The center of it all is obviously a competition to see who gets more vicious between Shane AND Armond. The second, irritated by the first’s constant pleas, resumes drinking and drug use, interrupting a five-year sobriety and getting him completely out of control. The series deftly begins with the murder and flash forward Shane, frustrated and abandoned by his wife. This brings us to the bend of the genre, what is it White Lotus. Series expansion of HBO it works because it can’t be attributed to a genre. It feels like an adult drama about rivalry and sentimental issues between two friends. This secretThis family comedy and also has this kind reprehensible pleasure between the interweaving of characters, which masks a very strong conflict of social inequality.

The resort is like a non-existent paradise

The idle class of the upper middle class is more obvious than the real novelty, but the craftsmanship Mike White was to lock the main characters in the resort, exotic paradise, with our heroes on vacation. White makes the characters coexist with each other, slowly bringing out the distance each protagonist portrayed as closeness. Couple on honeymoon. A woman mourning her mother. A rich family that does nothing but fight. These are the guests who come to White Lotusexclusive five-star resort in the archipelago Hawaii. A real paradise on earth, with its luxury and comfort, idyllic beaches and breathtaking views.

A paradise that will become an archipelago of lies and heightened rivalry. Even in old families and in new ones that are formed, for example, in the case of newlyweds.. Dislike of characters, first of all Shane AND Oliviawill give the series an anti-heroic yet existentially relevant twist. Piece by piece, both with various thefts and exchanges between disgruntled customers and the resort manager, White Lotus this will very well represent an identity crisis that will involve the intertwining of various guests. Wrong marital choices and conflicts between mother and daughter will drown in uncertainty about the well-being of the resort leading the protagonists White Lotus a step away from a non-existent paradise.

Lack of social redemption

Like the above parasites, between rich and poor there is no good and bad. The only certainty is that the poor will always remain the servants of the rich, even when rebellion is attempted. happens Paula. Tired of meanness best friend Olivia , offers a Hawaiian employee with whom he has a sexual relationship to rob the Mossbachers in order to pay his lawyer and compensate for the expropriation of his land, which affected his family. However, this does not end well, the Hawaiian is arrested, and Olivia, who has long understood everything, enters into a heated argument with Paula.

keynote White Lotus it is the lack of social redemption for the less well off. Thus, the humiliation endured by director Armond will lead him to a final and tragic duel with Shane and the conclusion of one of the countless White Lotus subplots. A shake-up that will affect not only the weak part of the series, but also the rich part. Shane and Rachel will work their scenes from the wedding in favor of the emancipation of the former, who no longer wants to be a trophy woman.

There expansion of HBO with his usual rough and disappointed look, he paints for us a fresco of white America and, above all, the exaltation prestigious television. Where mystery and guilt are a hybrid balance between quality TV and TV entertainment.

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