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The evening was organized by Strobe srl, in collaboration with the municipality of Ceriale and the patronage of the Liguria region, as well as merchants supporting the music and entertainment initiative.

The event will begin at sunset, when the lights will come up and the beach will be filled with craft stalls. It will be an ideal opportunity to discover local arts and crafts, exploring the various stands offering unique and creative products. From objets d’art to designer creations, to jewellery, clothing and accessories, you’ll find a wide variety of options to explore and buy.

But the real highlight of the evening will be the main stage in Piazza della Vittoria. This exotic venue will turn into a magical setting to host several nationally renowned artistes. Directly from ROOM9, the most listened to radio in Italy, but the surprises do not end there: the evening will be directed by Giacomo Icardi and Gabriele Amenduni, who together with the band will guarantee the perfect combination of music and words.

“The highlight of this White Night will be the dress code: white. We invite all attendees to wear white to create an inviting and cohesive atmosphere. The organizers say that this will be a unique opportunity to express your creativity in dressing up and fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the evening.

The event will continue into the night, providing top quality entertainment and a lively atmosphere. You can enjoy music, dance and taste the cuisine of the places participating in the event, which will set up a stand for the occasion where it will be possible to taste their typical products.

Satisfaction on the event was expressed by the municipal administration: “We worked with Strobe srl to make Serialize another important summer event, capable of attracting a large audience. Finally, after years, it has returned to Notte Bianca Serile, a specific format now implemented by other municipalities on the Savona coast” confirmed Mayor Marinella Fasano and councilors Luigi Giordano and Gianbenedetto Calcagno, jointly presenting an evening, which combines several initiatives of the summer calendar.

And from Strobe SRL: “It is a real pleasure and a real honor to be able to organize big events again in the municipality of Cereal, and even more so starting with the White Night, the most important event of the whole summer. A unique occasion, and for people of all ages, to socialize, have fun and dance”.

Room9 is a new DJ producer formed in 2020 and immediately established itself on the Italian and international scene. He has produced songs and collaborated with many Italian artists, including Annalisa, Vegas Jones, Alpha, Noemi, Michele Bravi, Luigi Strangis, Nacock, Jake La Furia, Gemelli Diversi, The Colours, Big Boy, Sophie and The Giants. He has released some international remixes, as well as some official remixes of Italian hits, the latest being Mr. Rain’s “Superheroes”. In 2022 he took part in the most important Italian television events, including Lovemi (Italia 1 – Piazza del Duomo Milano with Fedez), Battiti Live, New Year’s Eve Canal 5, Green Valley, Tim Music Festival, Coca Cola Summer Festival 2022. He organized DJ sets in the most important Italian and international clubs such as Fabrice, Il Muerto, Musica, Praja, Pik Up, Tenax, Demod’, Donoma, Cavo Para. Diso, Jngl, Amnesia Ibiza. He participated in three major festivals, Red Valley, Sunny Festival in Tirana in August 2022 with Dua Lipa and opened Martin Garrix’s show at MR Festival from the main stage. They have already started their tour this year, with performances at Republica, Tatanka, Pick Up, Tenax and are expected to perform at Fabrice and Magazzini Generali in Milan before summer dates begin. Their participation has already been confirmed for the 105th Tzenis Music Festival 2023, Green Valley Festival, Red Valley and Dua Lipa’s Sunny Festival 2023 on the main stage for two dates in Kosovo and Tirana.

Gabriele Amenduni, king of squares and soul of the most special evenings. An artist with unique characteristics is able to make the audience feel strong emotions. Gabriele, in the triple role of actor, singer and entertainer, will stage an original overture, a journey through great Italian song. A concentration of emotion with a wonderful vintage, classic and pop repertoire that moves from the 60s to the 90s with beauty and delicacy.

Strobe Party’s extraordinaire singer Giacomo Aicardi, an eclectic presenter, writer, singer and performer, is the protagonist of great evenings on the Riviera. Creator of the successful “traveling karaoke” format, with which he not only inspired thousands of young people to sing in various clubs in the province of Savona. An engaging and innovative presence that brings great fun and light-heartedness to the stage as well as moments of reflection and intimacy.

Richie Gallo has joined them after their careers as PR, along with two professionals in the field. For a year and a half, he has brought himself on the stage with his tremendous charisma. Strobe joins the cast. The mission of Strobe Party with Gallo is to dance, sing and have fun without limits.

Nicolas Gajo, the talented local artist who will open the evening. His music selections are varied, right up to his sets. We are sure that he will be able to create a unique atmosphere, radiate positive energy and excite everyone present on the dance floor.

Here’s the program:

Stage meeting at 2.00 pm

16:00 Soundcheck Band Gabriele Amenduni

18:00 Dj Set Gajo + Baby Dance

19:00 Combat Team Exhibition

20:00 DJ set Gajo + Yelenia Raviola performance

DJ set Gajo ends at 21:20

21:30 Opening Evening – “What Will Be” Gabriele Amenduni & Band

21:35 Evening Presentation

9.45am Administration speech and “Golden Bastion” award ceremony

Gabriele Amenduni + Band “The Fisherman” at 10:00 p.m.

10.05 pm DJ set Gajo + Ylenia Raviola performance + singer Giacomo Icardi

11.15am Giacomo Aicardi + Gabriele Amenduni poetry and band “Io che amo solo te” 11.20am Room 9 performance

00:20 Room 9 Exhibition closing and final greetings

00:25 am Gabriel Amenduni and the Band “Tu Vuo’ Fa L’Americano”

00:30 End of the evening.

Exhibition of

Team Perlunghere (Loano and Ceriel) with Kombat Team Alassio, Team Scaramozzino from Savona, Team Moschitta from Camporoso and Kombat Team Andorra. A performance by dancer Yelenia Raviola is scheduled.


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