“White, Red and Blue Blood” is a beautiful queer romcom about the importance of frivolity.

White, red and blue blood the love story between two boys becomes an effective metaphor for lightness, which is also political in nature, as happens in heart congestion

“Please be patient, I promise that I will find the courage to fight for us,” says Henry, one of the main characters White, red and blue blood, new comedy available from August 11th on Prime Video. In fact, everyone fights for their ideals for different reasons, but this film teaches us how irony and lightness can be a decisive weapon in any battle we decide to take on, especially at a young age. Although it will never be remembered as a masterpiece, it is nevertheless very good. reprehensible pleasure summeras well as it can be considered a useful film in order to bring fresh and new attention to LGBTQ+ Issuesunlike many of the stories that have recently been told in a more overt and often necessarily dramatic tone.

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Alex and Henry love

Romantic comedy based on the same name novel by Casey McQuistontells the surreal love story between Alexcharming son of the President of the United States, e Henry, apparently the snobbish prince of England. Their relationship develops, as in the most classic stories of this type: in the beginning, two rule. complete dislikeas Alex sees Henry as haughty and self-absorbed. Henry reciprocates the prejudice, seeing Alex as a vain and superficial person. Both do not stand up to the continuous comparison that the media offer, aggressively comparing them, inevitably creating a genuine rivalry.

Everything changes on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Philip, where Henry fully confirms his reputation without saying goodbye to Alex; the other, with the help of alcohol, approaches him, breaking every glimpse of etiquette, causing an accident that also involves majestic wedding cake. After the episode went viral on social media, the two were forced to stage a fake friendship in order to save relations between the two states, especially the image. Alex’s mother, Ellen Claremontcampaigning for re-election to the presidency of the United States. What initially seemed like a simple table design turned out to be an opportunity for the two to get to know each other. both discover they are sensitive boysfar removed from their media image, and while they remain profoundly different, they are compatible. Here a friendship is born that will soon become a secret bond that is destined to face the fear of acceptance by Henry’s family and the consequences this could have on Alex’s mother’s political career.

Mix of Talents

Among the reasons for the success of this film, the film rights to which were acquired in 2019, the direction was entrusted to Matthew Lopez (in his feature film directorial debut) there is definitely chemistry between the main characters. Indeed, we find in plaster Taylor Zahar Perezalready known for his role as Marco Valentin Peña in Kissing booth 1 and 2 like Alex Claremont-Diaz, e Nikolai GolitsynBritish actor who starred in New York Academy, Pretty Devil, Cinderella AND purple heartslike Prince Henry. The latter will also Hayes Campbellcharacter inspired by Harry Styles idea about you Near Ann Hatawaybut both are certainly young talents, highly valued by the young audience that follows them in idolization.

But this cast surprises even adult audiences. To increase the prestige of the film, in fact, too Uma Thurmanlike Ellen Clearmont, President of the United States. Actress pulp Fiction AND Kill Bill returns to filming for streaming movie after 2022 experience with hollywood stargirl, distributed on Disney+, and in general after years where his career seemed to slow down somewhat. Recently we saw her in such series as Chambers 2019 on Netflix and Suspicion 2022 on Apple TV+, but coming soon to a supernatural action sequel old guard with Charlize Theron. Although in a minor role here, it’s always intriguing to see an actress of her caliber take the stage with her usual conviction.

The effectiveness of simplicity

The power of the film White, red and blue blood it’s about not being redundant and knowing how to deal with a history of homosexual relationships never falling into banality. Respecting the personality of his characters, he actually seasoned the most subtle passages with irony. This is not about an unusual relationship, but about one classic relationship, whateverwith all its dynamics. Rather, the public nature of the two protagonists means that some themes, such as coming out or accepting oneself, move into a larger dimension in which personal choices (such as revealing one’s orientation or choosing to live in a relationship) they are not limited to the affective sphere, but also to the politicalwith the inevitable participation of the surrounding society.

In this sense, this film can be easily compared heart congestion, The series, the second season of which was available on Netflix on August 3 last year: the main themes, starting with a love story between the two main characters, classmates Charlie and Nick, are treated with the same attitude, respecting their intent and importance, but being able to model them so that they can be easily used. In this case, the tenderness of the characters is important. in reconciliation of trauma, pain and episodes of discriminationcreating the perfect balance for one of the most romantic and popular series of recent times, and for a realistic and passionate way to tell a story without ever being vulgar, indeed often choosing the path of irony.

IN White, red and blue bloodand also in heart congestionlet’s see how the comedy genre also manages to reassert itself educational roleAffirming that lightness is not just a means to deal with issues that are often considered difficult, but in general original and effective approach even for those who, like Henry, have to find their own time and ways to start fighting.

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