White Virgen Kassel sneakers are in fashion: find out how to wear the new summer trend in style

White sneakers of the Virgin Cassel in fashion

White Virgo Cassel sneakers are very popular – Instagram profile picture d.casseluxxi

Celebrities are always launching new fashions and trends that captivate. New fashion is dictated by the charming daughter of Monica Belucci and Vincent Cassel. The girl does not wear high heels, but very simple sneakers that immediately become fashionable. Find out what they are and how to wear them to create a comfortable and unique style.

Young Virgo Kassel is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but is already making a career. She is only 18 years old, but the girl is already a famous model and film actress. Being the daughter of art probably helps, but there is no doubt that her soapy and watery beauty wins everyone over. This year, the daughter of Monica Bellucci, with great simplicity, showed an impressive image that all teenagers want and can repeat, as well as women in their 40s and 50s. Do you want to know more? Keep keeping us company!

White Deva Cassel sneakers are undoubtedly the most loved and comfortable shoes of the summer.

On the catwalk she walks in very high heels and revealing dresses, but the young unemployed model shows her tender age. A photo in social networks – and you’re done: this urban chic look worn by Deva Kassel immediately becomes fashionable. The model in the photo is posing for a selfie and is wearing Bermuda denim shorts and an oversized white T-shirt.

To complete the look, pair white sneakers over long white socks. The shoes are tied with laces in a simple and homely way, and perhaps this is also what captivates the public. Simplicity and naturalness make this soap and water highly valued and in demand. In addition, it is easy to reproduce, and each of us can dress up as a Deva.

Here are the shoes of the Virgin Cassel: beautiful and accessible to everyone

Deva Kassel’s white sneakers are the Nike Air Force 1 Triple White. You can find these shoes with a simple yet unmistakable line on Nike’s online store, as well as on Amazon, Zalando and top stores. This very classic Nike model costs just over 100 euros. They can easily be worn with jeans and shorts, as well as with a miniskirt for a more soapy look. Do you want to copy the image of the Virgin? The girl flaunts wavy flowing hair, large sunglasses and several rings.

This look is perfect for every day, comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Show it off while heading to work, university, or just walking around downtown. White sneakers are a passe-partout that should be in the wardrobe of each of us. And how do you wear them?

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